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  Album: McFly - Room On The 3rd Floor
Updated 26 July 2004, 10.24
Release date: 5 July 2004

Style: Old fashioned rock and roll with a nu-pop flavour

How many good tracks: 13/13

Top tracks: Unsaid Things and Broccoli

Weakest track: There isn't one!

Hit or miss: Hey, their first two releases rocketed to number one and the rest of this album is packed with would-be winners, so how could it possibly be a miss?!

Chart-toppers Five Colours and Obviously open the collection, getting you in the mood for the tracks you haven't heard yet.

The album harks back to when rock and roll started, with echoes of 1950s artists like Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis, who your grandparents will be able to tell you about.

Throw the Beach Boys and the Monkees (ask your parents) into the mix, let the McFly guys add their 21st Century flavour, and you have the perfect soundtrack to summer 2004.

You'll dance about to lots of tracks (Saturday Night, Surfer Babe), but the boys have their quieter moments too (She Left Me, Not Alone).

Harry, Tom, Dougie and Danny have started their music career in explosive style - let's hope they can keep it up!

Nr rating:

What do YOU think of McFly's album?

What to say, - WOW! All the songs are great and the album is perfect. It's cool that the album has a hidden track too! 10 out of 10! In the words of Marty McFly, "You might not be ready for this yet, but your kids are gonna love it!" (Back To The Future)
Laura, 14, Warwickshire

If you have any taste in descent music - avert your ears! This is Busted with a more nasal lead singer, and a slightly better sound. Save yourselves the agony and steer clear of this album!
Anny, 15

I've been a die-hard McFly fan right from the beginning when Busted first started to name-drop and I couldn't have hoped for a better debut album. There are so many different influences all mixed with a unique McFly sound. The best tracks are Down By The Lake, Surfer Babe and That Girl, although it's a shame Dougie doesn't sing a little more! From what I've heard he has an amazing voice and it would be great for him to start singing a little more!
Lauren, 13, Manchester

This album rocks! I love all the tracks and they all have their different sounds but still with the McFly flavour we all love! this album appeals to everyone's tastes perfect 10 baby!
Georgina, 15, Uxbridge

Oh my god. What a stunning album from a stunning band. I can imagine this playing on a Hawaii party but there are some nice slow dances to enjoy too. My fave tracks are Saturday Night, Hypnotized and Room on the Third Floor.
Sophie, 12, Peterlee

This is the best album I've heard all year! My favourite tracks are: Room on the Third Floor, Hypnotised, Down by the Lake, Surfer Babe, Not Alone and Broccoli. Room on the Third Floor is the best though! It certainly lifted my spirits!
Naomi, 12, Surrey

Their songs are WICKED!! All the songs are so good that it's impossible to get it out of your head. Good work McFly. Keep it up!!
Sonia, 13, Essex

This is a great album and would be a good present for anyone of any age - everyone from my friend's little brother to my gran likes McFly! I can't pick a favourite track, they're all too good, but Not Alone is brilliant. It's the best debut album they could have written and I really recommend it!
Lauren, 15, Falkirk

This is the best album I've heard in a long time! The tracks mix the Beatles with the Beach Boys but all the time sounding very cool due to McFly's smooth vocals. They all have great voices and the best track on this album is definitely Down by the Lake. 10/10
Kirsty, 15, Dalkeith

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