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  Film: Spider-Man 2
Updated 03 August 2004, 16.59
Spider-Man 2
Release date: 15 July (Cert PG)

The stars: Tobey Maguire (Spidey himself), Kirsten Dunst (Mary-Jane: still screaming), Alfred Molina (Doc Ock: mad and with a few too many arms) and James Franco (Harry Osbourne: obsessed with his dead dad).

The plot: Two years after becoming Spider-Man, Peter Parker is getting a bit fed up of not having a life on account of needing to swing off to help in every emergency.

So he decides to sack in the web slinging and give up. But then Doctor Octopus shows up, and he's a bit of a baddy. The city needs him: will Spidey return?

Best bits: The jokes are funnier, the plot's faster and the acting's great. But the top moment has to be the absolutely breath-snatching, heart-pounding awesome fight on the train. We all cheered. It was ace.

Fave characters: All your old Spider-chums return. Doc Ock looks brilliant, and Brit actor Alfred Molina actually makes you care about the total nutter.

Any slip-ups?: There's a bit of an unexplained romance between Pete and his neighbour, but that's about it.

Hit or Miss: Wall-climbing, web-slinging, red-and-blue-spandex-clad hit!

Nr rating:

Five out of five

What did you think of Spider-Man 2?

I thought Spider-man 2 was great. The actors all fitted the roles and the scenes where he was fly through the sky were brill! The story was well written and I would recommend it!
Soph, 12, Leamington

Spider-man 2 is the best film in the world. Red and blue spandex, spidey web and of course the scary tentacles make the movie 10/10. I thought it wasn't going to be that good but I was wrong by miles! The fights were excellent and the acting was outstanding. GO SPIDEY GO!!!!|
Gary, 10, Oxford

This film was outstanding! The special effects were great, it could not have looked anymore realistic. I got goosebumps just watching the fight scenes get more and more intense as they progressed.
Jasmine, 14, USA

Spider-Man 2 is better than the first film, you have to go and see this film!
Charlotte, 13, USA

Sian, you're mad! This film was excellent from beginning to end. It's better than the first one. The villain, the plot, the action sequences, this film is superb! 20/10,that's how good it was!
Simon, 16, Birmingham

I think it was brilliant it's probably one of the best this year. The actors were wonderful. I think I like this one better than the first. I would definitely give it top ratings.
Amber, 13, USA

Spider Man 2 was awesome!! I had a really great time watching this movie!!!!!! It made me want to be Spider Man too!
Simon, 11, USA

the film was absolutely terrible. I did not enjoy the first one and I certainly did not enjoy this one. I would definitely give it a 1*rating and I would tell you to give it a miss!
Sian, 12, Wales

Fantastic!!! It was brilliant!!! So excellent!!! It made me want to sling a web!!! Have I a seen more excellent movie this year!!!!! I think not!!!!
Kivashumar, 15, Bombay

Web slinging all the way. The film is great - and the on screen story develops romantically between Spiderman and MJ - it's ace, see it now!
Kainat, 8, Bradford

I thought the Spider-Man film was fantastic! It is more developed than the first and is more revolved around emotions. However the special effects are superb, especially Doc Ock! An excellent sequel to a fantastic film. 5/5.
Jonathon, 15, Folkestone

I think I enjoyed this film more than Spider-Man 1.
Felicia, 15, London

Spider-Man 2 was wonderful! The actors were great! I loved the plot it had you thinking is he really going to quit being spider-man, is he ever going to love Mary Jane? Will Harry kill Peter?! And other things.
Amanda, 13, USA

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