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  Film: Around The World In 80 Days
Updated 26 July 2004, 12.36

Release date: 9 July (Cert PG)

The stars: Jackie Chan (pretending to be French. Don't ask), Steve Coogan (bumbling-mad scientist type), Arnold Schwarzenegger (no, really) and loads of others in small roles.

The plot: It's the 1800s and Jackie Chan has stolen a precious statue to return it to his village. He hides with eccentric inventor Phileas Fogg (Coogan) to avoid the police - but Fogg has accepted a bet to travel around the world. In 80 days.

Best bits:The awesome kung-fu fighting set up by Chan. Not sure it was in the original book though.

Fave characters: Steve Coogan is ace as Fogg, mugging away to pull some great faces.

Any slip-ups?: Arnie trying his hand at comedy as a Turkish prince. That's not funny, that's just weird, that is. It's a bit slow to get started too.

Hit or Miss: Give it time, and it's a Hit.

Nr rating:

Three out of five

What did you think of Around the World?

I thought it was great. It's finally a movie that I enjoy and laugh at and my parents and younger bro like it too. It's wicked cool! I didn't really like Arnold Schwarzenegger tho.
Naomi, 14, USA

I thought this film was ace! Especially Steve Coogan and all of Jackie Chan's fighting scenes he's pretty good for 50. I went to see this movie at the European premier!
William, 11, Surrey

I have read the book and found it much more interesting than the film. I disagree with the other people and thought that they spent too much time doing Kung-Fu just to involve Jackie Chan. Steve Coogan was brilliant though!
Arthur, 11, London

It was a cool movie but it could have been better.
Tyrisha, 13, Spryfield

Absolutely brilliant! Beautifully Acted. My favourite scene was the last one with Kathy Bates, who plays Queen Victoria. Kathy puts on a fab English accent!!!
Sinead, 12, Belfast

I think it was wicked! Especially with the kung-fu fighting!
Simon, 13, Wigan

Yeah it was hilarious - that evil woman was very weird looking and she was not Chinese - well she didn't look Chinese.
Wai Yin, 14, Kent

Very slow to start, but turns out to be a fun family adventure.
Andrew, 15, Cleator Moor

I liked it more than any other film.
Jack, 14, Kent

I think it was brilliant. I really liked the Kung Fu bit by Jackie Chan. I didn't like Arnie though - he was seriously freaky.
Sarah, 15, London

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