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  Film: Mean Girls
Updated 12 July 2004, 18.28
Lindsay Lohan
Release date: 18 June (Cert 12A)

The stars: Lindsay Lohan (Freaky Friday), Jonathan Bennett (going to be huge), Tina Fey (Saturday Night Live) and a bunch of gorgeous teens.

The plot: Fifteen-year-old Cady (Lohan) has moved from the depths of the African jungle to Illinois in America. Cady has never been to school (she was taught at home) and life at North Shore High School turns out to be even wilder than the jungle! Between the trendy crowd and the social outcasts, Cady has to decide who she wants to be. And of course, there's a boy involved...

Best bits: Cady scaring pals Janis and Damian in her gross Halloween costume. Also, the soundtrack is fab!

Fave characters: Damian, definitely. He's hilarious!

Any slip-ups?: A strange theme of being run over by a bus keeps cropping up...which is pretty similar to a concept from another film - Final Destination.

Hit or Miss: Hit! A cool film with loads of funny one-liners.

Nr rating:

Rating: four out of five

Do YOU agree with our review?

THIS IS THE BEST FILM IV'E SEEN ALL YEAR ! I loved it - my favourite part was when she went to that Halloween party as an ex-wife.
Genevieve, 11, Seaford

Amazing!!!!! It really shows how Cady reacts to peer pressure and how you can be good friends with anyone (see the end of the film) Lohan was amazing!!!
Sinead, 12, Belfast

It's great! It's not like all the other chick flicks. Lindsay is such a cool actress.
Sophie, 9, Leeds

I loved every moment! Now whenever I go to somewhere new I watch out for plastics!
Elanor, 14, Loughborough

I just saw the film and I thought that it was great. I thought that the way they showed how mean some girls can be was great but I agree with some people that it was a little too over the top.
Lauren, 15, Australia

The best film I have seen all year. You must go and see it.
Kathy, 12, London

I agree with your review - it was really funny and made me cringe, but maybe was a bit overdone. I go to the school it's based on in the USA and it's pretty accurate, the way it's divided into groups. Except the school is actually too big to be 'ruled' by 4 girls, apart from that it was eerie how accurate it was. All in all worth seeing but not the best film.
Jessie, 14, Glenview

I totally agree! This filmed rocked but I think Gretchen should be recognized as another funny character.
Mary, 14, USA

I think it's the average 'teen movie'. It's quite funny in parts but not the greatest film. I think Lindsay Lohan was a lot better in Freaky Friday though.
Shell, 15, Stoke on Trent

I thought it was pretty unnecessarily vulgar at times. Otherwise it would have been very funny.
Emma, 15, Cambridge

Well I saw it about a month ago, and have to agree, it was quite funny, but there is quite a lot of swearing, so don't take your 7-year-old little brother along with you, like I almost did... oops.
Hannah, 13, Kansas USA

I loved the whole film. I thought it will be just another boring chick film but it was just so much better.
Ravneet, 12, Derbyshire

I think it is just another chick flick - but for girls they seem to be really mean.
Anna, 11, Glasgow

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