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  Film: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Updated 09 June 2004, 18.35
Prisoner of Azkaban: Wanted poster for Sirius Black
Release date: 31 May (Cert PG)

The stars: Dan, Rupert and Emma, of course - and then there's Gary Oldman (Sirius Black), David Thewlis (Professor Lupin), Emma Thompson (Prof Trelawney), Michael Gambon (Dumbledore), Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid), and most of the other regulars.

The plot: A dangerous wizard Sirius Black has escaped from prison and is believed to be hunting Harry at Hogwarts. The terrifying Azkaban guards the Dementors are there too - and they keep trying to suck out Harry's soul. Eeeek!

Best bits: The crazy ride on the Knight Bus, and the Dementors' arrival on the Hogwarts Express. The film is a lot more creepy than the first two - make sure you've got someone to cling onto!

Fave characters: Harry, Ron and Hermione are better then ever before - and much cooler in their new gear.

Any slip-ups?: Quidditch fans will be disappointed - there's not a lot.

Hit or Miss: A Hagrid-sized hit!

Nr rating:

Rating: Five out five!

Do YOU agree with our review?

Amazing definitely better than the first two a top performance by all, but Rupert Grint should be allowed to change from his knitted clothes!
Caroline, 14, Enniskillen

This film is quite scary but has barrels off laughs. I thought that Rupert, Daniel and Emma really got into their roles better than the previous films. Buckbeak was so cool. The downside is that the end was a tad rushed and there was hardly any Quidditch, overall 4/5 stars.
Jonathan, 15, Essex

I think you are absolutely truly right! I think it's my favourite film and it has the best plot I've ever seen!
Fleur, 13, Aylesbury

This third instalment of Harry Potter is by far the best. There is so much more going on in the film than the last 2 films. Harry, Ron and Hermione's characters have grown and developed so much - even the people who play them. The film is pure excitement from the beginning to the end. My sister thought it was confusing. But only a true Harry Potter fan would understand the story and understand it fully. The knight bus scenes are cool and the Dementors and scary but great to watch. This whole film is a sure hit and I will be watching it again.
Rachel, 15, Runcorn

I think it looks like the best Potter movie so far. It looks a lot darker and creepier. Also the characters wear cooler clothes. The third book is brilliant so the film has just got to be better!
Fran, 13, Derby

I've seen the film already, and it's good but I think there's too much darkness and the confrontation between Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black and Harry is not strong enough. It should have more emotion. The acting is great, although Emma Watson gave a good performance, Dan Radcliffe's was good at some points but a bit wooden at times, but he has improved. He's a great actor. The film was quite cool.
Jade, 12, London

I think that Harry, Ron and Hermione are becoming very different e.g. they look completely different from the first movie. I think it is time for a change.
Guurpritt, 11, London

Compared to the Chamber of Secrets and Philosopher's Stone it's really dark and more scary! Gosh, the actors have grown up a lot!
Madeleine, 11, Brighton

This movie is AMAZING! I was SO into it from the opening WB sign right to the last credits! Everyone go see it, but make sure you've got someone who won't mind you practically sitting on them because you are so scared/excited/happy!
Lydia, 15, Toronto, Canada

Yes, the movie is VERY creepy!! Eeks!! I hate the Dementors. They're so well creepy too!! I do agree with your fabulous review!
Katie, 12, New York City

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