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  Album: Avril Lavigne - Under My Skin
Updated 01 July 2004, 19.21
Avril Lavigne - Under My Skin
Release date: 24 May 2004

Style: Guitar rock with a dash of pop

How many good tracks: 11/13

Top tracks: My Happy Ending & Take Me Away

Weakest track: Nobody's Home

Hit or miss: This long awaited second album from Avril is a definite hit. The songs are a bit more optimistic than on Let Go and are so catchy you'll be playing the album on repeat for weeks!

Nr rating:

4 out of 5

What do YOU think of Avril Lavigne's latest album?

It is a fantastic album and it's just as good as Let Go. My favourite tracks are Take Me Away, Freak Out and Nobody's Home. Avril rocks.
Ella, 14, London

I think her music rocks. The lyrics of the songs she sings are so real. I love her style and music!
Sahar, 13, Chicago

It's great except her voice is too high pitched and her songs are very much alike. I think her first album is more original. My favourite is Don't Tell Me.
Sin Yung Woo, 11, Nagoya

Avril's new CD is awesome! It has a lot of beat. I think it's wicked cool!
Valeria, 12, Miami Springs

I sooooo totally disagree with you NR!! I reckon that this album is a lot more mature than 'let go', you can tell, the lyrics prove that Avril has grown as an artist and as a person... this album will reach out to a lot more than tweenies, unlike Let Go. The next single My Happy Ending, Take Me Away has a lot of anger in it, and without a doubt, Together and Nobody's Home are the best tracks, but all the tracks are GREAT!! This is a definite second hit for Avril.
Mabel, 14, Sydney

I loved Avril's first album and rushed out to buy her new album! But all I can say is what a let down! There are a few good tracks on there but the overall feel of the album is a depressing one! Lighten up Avril!!
Victoria, 15, Blackburn

I think it's brilliant. I'm listening to it right now! I think it's more "rocky" than Let Go. I think the weakest track is Don't Tell Me. But that doesn't mean I don't like it!! Have fun listening to it everyone who's got!
Julia, 12, Paris

I think it rox! Her last album was better tho! But this could hit the charts big time no doubt!
Akima, 13, Manchester

It is so good! Buy it people!! It is more mature than Let Go but it is much better in my opinion.
Hadeel, 14, London

I thought is was terrible. I wouldn't even rate it if my life depended on it. It was that bad.
Ellen, 14, Liverpool

I think Avril has matured artistically and this is just gonna be a great album, I mean, I saw the Don't Tell Me video and thought it was a great song, and if there r even better ones (My Happy Ending, Take me Away), then you've got yourself a hit!!!
Jp, 13, Southampton

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