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  Book: Varjak Paw by SF Said
Updated 26 July 2004, 10.29

Publication date: Paperback out June 3

Varjak Paw by SF Said
Pages: 255

The plot: Varjak Paw is a pampered pet cat who knows there's more to life. His family tease him and don't understand his adventurous spirit. He is soon forced to venture beyond the garden wall to save his family from the mysterious and dangerous 'gentleman' and his two evil hench-cats.

The characters: Varjak is a plucky little cat, out to learn about life. He teams up with Holly, a spiky city cat who knows the dangers of the mean streets and Tam, a quality sidekick who is always hungry. Cludge is the last member of Varjak's team and is a hero - a big brown dog who strikes fear in those who don't stop to get to know him. In the city the snow white gang boss Sally Bones is truly terrifying, her claws are sharp and her one blue eye sees all.

Highlights: Lots. The dream sequences, Varjak's first encounter with "dogs", the really gripping and blood-curdling fight scenes. Dave McKean's quirky illustrations add to the atmosphere of menace.

Any weak bits? Not really. Even if you don't like cats you can still enjoy this -it's more about personalities, being small in a big city and there's lots of action.

Unputdownable? Pretty much. The book is pacy from the start and once the Gentleman appears things get a bit dark!

Nr rating:

Rating: Four out of five

What do YOU think of this book?

I read it all in one day! The dreams are amazing, and it's got the best fight scenes ever.
Stuart, 10, London

An amazing book. Quite dark in places, but wonderful to read and to understand! It keeps you gripped from the first page to the last.
Mel, 11, Oxford

The description is vivid in places and when they find out what happened to vanished cats it makes you feel very scared!
Megan, 11, Isle of Wight

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