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  Film: Shark Tale
Updated 09 November 2004, 15.20

Release date: 15 October (Cert U)

The stars: Will Smith (Oscar - basically the Fish Prince of Bel Air), Renee Zellwegger (Angie - works with Oscar and also has a secret crush on him) Jack Black (Lenny - slightly moronic vegetarian shark).

The plot: Oscar the fish works at a whale wash, cleaning tongues, which, as you can guess, isn't too nice.

He spends all his time dreaming of escaping his dull life and becoming a somebody.

His dreams come true when he fools everyone that he's killed one of the sharks that have been terrorising the reef.

Fame and fortune follow, but can he keep up the lies, especially as the other sharks are a little bit angry?

Best bits: The fixed, over-acted fight between Lenny and Oscar, played out in an underwater New York.

Fave characters: Ernie and Bernie, the two rasta Jellyfish, are hilarious, and Will Smith is on fine form playing an underwater version of himself.

Any slip-ups?: It's not quite as laugh-out-loud funny as Shrek, and the story's nothing new, but it is great fun.

Hit or Miss: Loads of energy, great looks and good jokes - land yourself a fine catch and go to see this fishy hit!

Nr rating:

What did you think of Shark Tale?

I thought Shark Tale was brilliant, but it was no where near as good as Finding Nemo or Shrek. All animation fans will love it.
Lewis, 10, Swindon

I think it was quite funny, and the characters were adorable, but the storyline gets a bit boring after a while. But still - go Angie!
Kitty, 10, Birmingham

I thought it was a good film. There were times when it seemed childish but the characters and effects were great. I also liked the music. My favourite characters were Ernie and Bernie.
Becky, 13, Kent

I think Shark Tale is brill. The sound affects and music are the best. I thought it was really good, 9/10
Jessica, 11, Stockton

I thought Shark Tale was great! My fave characters were Ernie and Bernie, you just had to laugh at them!!! 8/10
Maria, 12, London

Great fun. I loved the cast, seeing Bobby D and Marty together as sharks was just wonderful. Some weak moments but overall, this is entertainment with a brain. 8/10.
Beatrice, 14, Newcastle

I found it predictable, Will Smith's character is annoying. Has some funny bits but nothing special. Nowhere near up to the standard of computer animation today.
Nick Lenox-Smith, 15, London

I think Shark Tale was a great film! I loved the part when Oscar found himself in Lenny's mouth. It would've seemed even better if it hadn't come so soon after Finding Nemo though.
Caitlin, 12, Cults

I was looking forward to this film but it turned out to be one of the worst animated films I've ever seen. It's boring, and not funny at all.
Sarah, 14, Eatbourne

The writers of Shrek made this, so I thought this would be really funny! But it wasn't like Shrek! The jokes are kind of flat and predictable, but it's still a great film!
Anisha, 12, Luton

It was brilliant! I think it's better than Finding Nemo.
Gianna, 11, Montrose

It was great! I loved the part where that mini fish said to Lenny: 'you're a good person'! Gold! This is really good.
Lou, 11, Milton Keynes

I think it's brill. It's not funnier than Shrek. But I like the soundtrack, it's great. The characters look so much like the actors.
Lizzie, 12, Broadstairs

I thought that Shark Tale was amazing, best film I've seen so far this year; it does not matter what age you are, get to cinema and see it!
Matthew, 14, Hull

I thought Shark Tale was fantastic! I thought Jack Black as Lenny was just hilarious!
Kelly, 13, Hullbridge

This film is one of the best films I have ever ever seen!!! It has the perfect mix of fun, romance, music and...fishyness!!!
Yaz, 12, Cardiff

Kind of predictable with jokes that weren't that funny. It definitely doesn't compare to Shrek! Crazy Joe rocked though!
Cora, 15, Dublin

It's brilliant. I think it's much more entertaining than Finding Nemo. The soundtrack is excellent too. It's really cool seeing Christina Aguilera and Missy Elliot as fish!
Rachel, 15, Devon

It is funny but nothing like Shrek or Monsters Inc which were hilarious. The cast's good though!
Kate, 10, Stoke

I think Shark Tale is splendid!
Rajesh, 9, Alperton

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