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  Game: The Sims 2
Updated 01 November 2004, 16.13
Sims review
Genre: Sim

Format: PC

The Plot: The basic idea behind the game is the same as before.

You create a family of simulated people, known as Sims.

Playability: It's amazing just how addictive playing through someone's life can be.

Fun: You get to buy the Sims cool stuff to keep them occupied and guide them through their lives.

They happily wander round by themselves, playing on their console or making dinner when they get hungry.

Graphics: The graphics are really detailed and the Sims themselves are fantastic.

Difficulty: The Sims are far smarter than in the previous games but that doesn't mean the game is easier, because there's also a lot more for you to do!

The main one is that you now have to worry about the passage of time because your Sims get old and eventually die.

Hit or Miss: Hit! This is a great sequel to a great game! If you liked the first game, you'll love this one.

NR rating:

five out of five

What did YOU think of The Sims 2?

I got this for my birthday last week and it's brilliant. The detail is so much better and you have so many more things to do now. The people at maxis and EA games have done a really good job.
Louise, 14, Maidstone

It's massivly big, takes up a lot of space on my PC, but worth it in some ways. The graphics are amazing but I got really used to the origional Sims engine. It's way different, a good follow up but I liked the first one better, 8/10.
Andrew, 15, Cleator Moor

I think the Sims 2 is brilliant but the only problem is that it keeps jumping and freezing. I've asked all my friends and their's does the same. What should I do? But overall it's wicked. I would give it ten out of ten.
Kellie O'rafferty, 13, Coventry

I think it's a great game but a little too much like the original Sims. I was looking forward to it so much and thought it was fantastic at first, but I don't really play it much now and I'm a little disappointed.
Kate, 13, Thurso

It is so much better than the original. It is good that you can make a family and watch them grow into generations of excellent Sims, from pregnancy, baby, child, teenager, adult, elder and then, them sadly dying. It is amazing! Well done Maxis for yet another classic.
Emily, 12, Leeds

I think it's brilliant. I can never stop playing it now it's half-term. I play it every day!
Kiran, 11, Birmingham

Sims 2 is way better than the other Sims. It is soooo much fun watching them grow up. All my mates underestimate it. I'm the only person I know who loves it. It's so addictive.
Becky, 11, Grimsby

The best pc game out this year. My rating would be 10/10!!!!!!!! It is soooooo much better than fifa 2005!
Melissa, 12, Barrow

It's so brill I give it 100/10 I would play it non-stop.
Stacy, 11, Scotland

It was one of your worst creations, maxis! The Sims super star was soo much better! I'd give it 2/10.
Sophie, 9, Hordle

Sims 2 is probably the best game ever, not just the graphics, but you now have so much more choice of styles and colours! Also the clothes are absolutely wicked, and the faces are so lifelike!
Em, 11, Poole

I think that The Sims 2 was well worth the wait! The graphics are amazing and you can do much more than in the first game. The only problem was that it slowed down my computer because the game has so much in it. This is the most addictive game I have ever played on!
Claire, 15, Hull

Everyone I know who has got this game says something about it doesn't work. The Sims wasn't bad but it made me dead angry. How am I meant to make 8 friends in literally 5 minutes! If you want a life Sim get Animal Crossing instead.
Dan, 12, Stockport

Hands down it's the best game I have EVER played! I love buying the houses and it's unbelievable how life-like the Sims are! Brilliant work Maxis get an A*!
Holly, 12, Cardiff

I got the Sims 2 but it was sooooo slow in loading when I clicked on something, and the graphics were awful. It's not all that, I had to take it back in the end. I give it a 2/10
Sophie, 13, East Sussex

It's a great game. I've got it and I can't stop playing on it. It's amazing what you can do, there are so many more interactions - it's also cool how they can get slim, fat or muscular. It's a great game!
Rosie, 11, Winchester

It's brilliant! Best game ever! The only thing I don't like about it is it's really slow compared to the Sims 1. But it's worth being slow for what you can do!
Eleanor, 12, Dublin

It's a lot harder but it is brilliant.
Eve, 11, Nottingham

It's great. You get so attached to the characters and the graphics are brill. Better than all the others!
Daisy, 12, Whitchurch

I think that Sims 2 is brill. I especially love picking their clothes and designing their houses.
Ali, 10, Ipswich

It's amazing! Its' a masterpiece. I sat there and played it for six hours solid! I give it 11/10.
Jayshree, 14, Kent

I think it's great, it's all 3D so that's even better. The graphics are great and I loved the first one so I really like this one. I can't help it but it's so addictive!
Bethany, 12, Nottingham

I think the Sims 2 is brilliant! It's really great that you get to make a family grow properly, going through pregnancy, baby, child, teenager, adult and elder before actually dying. All my friends love it. It will be sad when my family die though, I've grown somewhat attached to them!
Alexandra, 14, Nottingham

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