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  Book: The Princess Diaries: Sixsational
Updated 01 November 2004, 16.01

Author: Meg Cabot

Publication date: 2 October 2004

Pages: 256

The plot: More mayhem in the world of Mia, the reluctant Princess of Genovia.

In the sixth book in this series Mia tells us all about her troubles as she starts a new school term.

There is her English teacher who doesn't like her, a potential eco-disaster involving snails, her boyfriend Michael going away to college and then to top it all her best-friend nominates her to be school president.

How can she cope with it all?

The characters: Mia (aka Princess Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo), her best friend Lilly and brother Michael (Mia's beloved boyfriend), the popular girl in school and Mia's rival - Lana Weinberger

Highlights: Mia's debate speech...when she gets talking no-one can stop her!

Any weak bits? At times the story is a bit too focused on America, mentioning television shows, celebrities and bizarre nicknames that don't always make sense.

Unputdownable? Admittedly it is more of the same as the previous books, but there is also plenty of room for more fun and mayhem in Mia's teenage troubles.

If you are already a fan then this will be a must-have but you don't have to have read the others to find it enjoyable.

Nr rating:

Have YOU read this book?

Brilliant! Very hard to put down but you would have probably have to have read some of the other books to understand some of the things but if you haven't read any of the other books then you would probably still like this!
Rachel, 11, Huntly

The Princess Diaries books are some of my favourite books but this one disappointed me so much that I was put off forever. If you still like the series don't read the sixth book.
Margerita, 12, Sunderland

I really like this book, but the bits about Genovia gets really boring. A good read for any fans who have read the other 5 books. I would recommend it!!
Charlotte, 12, London

I love this book it is brilliant! I agree that it is sort of the same as the other books but it is still really good.
Fiona, 10, Derry

Mia's debate one of the most hilarious things you'll read this summer!! Also there is a fun personality quiz you can do in the book! Mia tends to go off the point a bit though and you will find she will sometimes jump from point to point but it's best to just grin and bear it. A very good book if you enjoyed the rest of the books or even the movie this is a MUST HAVE!!
Maeve, 12, Armagh

How can you give it 3 stars?!? Meg Cabot never writes a less the 5 star standard book!
Stephanie, 13, Jersey

I love the Princess Diaries books and this one continued the tradition. I loved the debate and the fact that she stresses just like a normal teenager. I did think, however, the story dragged on when she was worried about Michael. I give it 9/10
Ruth, 13, Wolverhampton

This book was the funniest yet. Meg Cabot rules!!!
Emma, 11, Edinburgh

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