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  Game: Animal Crossing
Updated 26 October 2004, 18.30
Game: Animal Crossing
Genre: Sim

Format: GameCube

The Plot: Your character has just moved to a small village where everyone is a cute animal.

You spend your days wandering around the village looking for ways to make money so you can pay for your house.

Playability: You wouldn't think that playing through a simple village life could be so addictive.

And if you do you get bored, you can connect your GameCube to another and visit your friend's village!

Fun: There really are so many little things to do in this game you'll be occupied for hours!

Graphics: The graphics aren't the best in the world by a long way, but they are very cute and suit the game well.

Difficulty: It's not really a difficult game, but that doesn't mean it gets boring.

Hit or Miss: Hit! This is really fun - even though it is just about living your life in a small village, it's still great!

NR rating:

What did YOU think of Animal Crossing?

This is so addictive! You wouldn't think catching a fish or posting a letter would be fun...BUT IT IS! Before I got this I wouldn't get up early for anything. Now I'm playing it before school just to go mushrooming!
Dan, 12, Stockport

I love meeting all the new people in the town. They are always so nice! I also like being able to upgrade your house to a bigger house. The best part is there is always something new in the town store
Carissa, 11

I think animal crossing was great!!! It's really good!! I thought the characters were sooo cute. Now that I have got it I never want to stop playing it. I think it's not very hard so it would even be good for young girls and boys. I think it's even better with more people.
Tara, 10, Belfast

I liked this game, but I prefer Harvest Moon. 3 and a half out of five.
Meliau, 13, Bristol

I only got Animal Crossing yesterday. And I'm already addicted.
Richard, 12, Isle of Man

Brilliant a must buy for GameCube owners, If you liked Harvest Moon you'll love this
Moustafa, 13, London

I've had this game for nearly 6 months because it was an import. But I'm very happy that European gamers have the chance to have this masterpiece of all games! I give it a 9-10.
Marcus, 14, Plymouth

I think it's a wicked game even though it sounds boring about moving into a town etc - I would say get it now.
Matthew, 10, Nuneaton

I first saw this game in a magazine and thought it was childish but after hearing all these good things about it I trusted the word on the street and bought it and now I'm hooked. I have to play for at least an hour a day and I wait longingly for the right day so I can meet the new visitor. Looks childish and easy but is addictive and has bundles of depths. 10/10 easily. I'll be playing this into next year and already want the second!!!
Julien, 13, London

The game is really great and like nearly everyone said it's wow - a very big wow. It was absolutely fabulous.
Vicky, 14, Nottingham

The game is... wow. You can visit friends. make money. send letters... It's soo cute and it grows on you.
Mia, 14, London

I like it because everything is in a beautiful imaginary world, instead of real life. Thumbs up !
Emma, 13, Woking

It's really fun and all the animals are really sweet. It's a game for all ages and it kind of grows on you. I let my brother on it and he wouldn't get off!
Natalie, 12, Hampshire

I really like this game! The first time I saw it I thought 'Big deal' but I ended up renting it and loved it! It really is addictive. I never thought it could be so much fun! It's worth the money in my opinion!
April, 13, USA

It's excellent I played it over and over again. A thumbs up!!!
Laura, 9, Brookland

I agree with your report but it can get a little bit boring after a while. With friends it's much more enjoyable, especially playing with three or more players. Sometimes it freezes a lot.
Merlin, 11, Glastonbury

I think it's the worst game ever. From the start the music was bad, the graphics were rubbish. I want better games on gamecube. Or else I'll sell it on eBay and get a PS2.
James, 13, London

Animal Crossing is brilliant and you know it! 5 STARS DEFINITELY.
Chris, 13, Aberdeen

I love Animal Crossing!! It's so fun!! I've already paid off my loan and now I am expanding my house!!
Scott, 14, Rugby

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