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  DVD: Star Wars trilogy
Updated 26 October 2004, 18.45

Star Wars is out on DVD for the first time
Release date: 20 September 2004 (Cert U)

The stars: Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Sir Alec Guinness, Anthony Daniels, Kenny Baker.

The plot: For the three people who don't know. A boy living on a farm on the outer reaches of another galaxy (far, far away) gets mixed up in a battle against the evil forces trying to control the universe. He ends up leading the rebel forces' attempts to overthrow the Galactic Empire...

Best bit: There are too many to mention all of them, but... The amazing first shot of a Star Destroyer in A New Hope. R2-D2 and C-3PO's bickering. The brilliant space battles. The Death Star. The battle on the planet Hoth. Carbon freezing Han Solo. Boba Fett. The brilliant twist. The dark ending to Empire Strikes Back. Luke showing Jabba how good a Jedi he has become. Speeder bike and Ewoks on Endor. The "fully-operational" Death Star (the second one). Darth Vader doing what must be done when it matters most.

The space battles are brilliant
Fave character: Luke Skywalker is the hero, but really everyone wants to be Han Solo because he is so cool. Princess Leia is pretty handy with a blaster and invents girl power years before anyone ever heard of the Spice Girls. And a big fan of Yoda every one is.

Any slip-ups?: Not really. Big Star Wars fans don't like some of the changes made to the original films (made in the 70s and 80s) but they don't make that much of a difference really.

DVD Extras: There are loads of top documentaries explaining the history of Star Wars. The ones about light sabers and other famous directors influence by Star Wars are cool, but the best one is the mega-long Empire of Dreams. At around two-and-a-half hours it's too long to watch in one go, but is really interesting, especially the stuff on the first film - A New Hope. It's cool to find out that before Star Wars there weren't any toys based on films. And that before the film was made the technology for the special effects didn't exist, Star Wars was the reason lots of it was invented. Finally a short preview of Episode III shows what happens when Darth Vader comes back, which is really cool.

Hit or Miss: It's probably going to be the best-selling DVD set of all-time. So a hit.

Nr rating:

Five out of five

What do YOU think of the Star Wars trilogy on DVD?

I first watched the films when I was about 4 and could only remember bits of it so when my auntie bought the DVD set I decided to give it a try..... and I couldn't stop watching it for 3 days!! my favourite character is Han Solo he is sooooo cool and funny!
Sarah, 14, Chester

I never really enjoyed Star wars but my mom bought it recently and it's all that she watches. So I decided it was supposed to be brilliant so I would watch it. They were so gripping and excitable! I loved them! The third was the best! Glad to see the good side are still the best!
Erin, 14, Birmingham

Well, I am the biggest star wars fan on earth. I can tell you every planet there is, every species and if the lightsaber and force were real, I'd be a master. I can tell you that this DVD box set is one of a kind because the special footage rocks and the enhanced features add the perfect finale. May The Force Be With You.
Alex, 12, Cheam

Well, I am the biggest Star Wars fan on earth. I can tell you every planet there is, every species and if the lightsaber and force were real, I'd be a master. I can tell you that this DVD box set is one of a kind because the special footage rocks and the enhanced features add the perfect finale. May The Force Be With You.
Alex, 12, Cheam

We gave it to my mum for her birthday and we watched the fourth one and we thought that it looked soooo futuristic because it was digitally re-mastered! I first watched Star Wars when I was five and that was an old video of the 4th one.
James, 12, Halifax

This DVD is so totally BORING! I watched it with my mum and I fell asleep after ten minutes.
Eve, 11, Nottingham

I enjoyed watching the Star Wars on DVD but there are some obvious changes from the video version. I liked the celebration scenes. Something that I sort of have mixed feelings on is Anakin Skywalker looking extremely younger in spirit form. In general, I loved it!
Rebecca, 12, Henderson

I think Star Wars is boring, but two of my sisters love it. I think it's just a lame excuse for a space type film.
Cat, 12, High Wycombe

Though the original movies were brilliant, I did not like Hayden Christian coming back as the Darth Vader spirit thing. Other then that, it couldn't be better.
Tombo, 15, Derby

My bro got it today, he's really impressed by all the extras & is probably going to force me to watch all 3 episodes again tonight, he loves it so much.
Sarah, 12, Stockport

A great DVD all around. I didn't like the way they changed Boba Fetts voice to Jangos voice though - it makes sense I suppose but I think Lucas should be trying to make the prequel trilogy fit in with the ORIGINAL trilogy, not the other way round. Still, a great DVD box set and people getting extremely angry because Jabba the Hutt looks better and Hayden Christian, Anakin from Episode 2, appears as the spirit of Darth Vader is quite ridiculous. The changes are fine, if not better!
Minto, 14, Newcastle

I watched these with my mates and I must say... BORING! Why make millions of movies about space that are totally unrealistic! It bored me stiff.
Lou, 11, Milton Keynes

I thought the alterations to the original trilogy made it a lot more obvious for Star Wars fans to realise the universe. It is great.
Zach, 15, Thames Ditton

The trilogy DVDs are great! A lot of people are unhappy, but I think the changes have worked well and now it makes episodes 4,5 and 6 fit in perfectly with the prequel films.
Sarah, 14, Grimsby

I thought the films were great the first time I watched them on video but the dvd's are so much better and let you cross view more easily to see scenes quickly rather than winding and rewinding the tapes. Ace!
Sean, 11, Edinburgh

The Star Wars DVD's are amazing, I was waiting for the DVD's to come out and they have broken all of my expectations, I can't wait to watch all of the special features.
Fahad, 15, Harrow

I think they are brilliant! They are loads better than the old version. Oh, and Princess Leia is the best character :)
Michael, 13, Ramsgate

One word to describe this... brilliant. I love watching all of these films. I always laugh when Darth-Vader goes "Luke I am your father" I don't know why.
Carinne, 14, Merseyside

The Star Wars DVD's are great! I have been a Star Wars fan since I was little and have been waiting for ages for them to come out on DVD! They did a really good job (even if Luke's lightsaber does change from blue to green and back again in A New Hope :D) I hope Revenge of the Sith (Episode III) will be just as good!
Philippa, 14, Near Edinburgh

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