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  Film: Five Children and It
Updated 16 February 2005, 12.07

Release date: 22 October (Cert U)

The stars: Freddie Highmore (Robert, the boy who finds 'It') Kenneth Branagh (the children's eccentric Uncle) Eddie Izzard (the voice of It, the sand-fairy).

The plot: Five children go to stay with their Uncle at his castle by the sea.

There they discover a tunnel to a secret beach where they find 'It' - an ancient sand-fairy who can grant wishes.

The children's dull summer suddenly brightens up as they realise there's lots of fun to be had having their wishes come true.

However, they learn the hard way that wishes are not as powerful as family...

Best bits: The children wish they can fly and soar off to find their father who is fighting in France. But they end up having a very close encounter with a huge enemy airship!

Fave characters: The sand-fairy is very funny as is Uncle and his evil scientist-wannabe son, Horace.

Any slip-ups?: The magic is good but not quite up to Harry Potter standard so leaves you feeling a little unsatisfied.

Hit or Miss: More hit than miss - a nice story with good characters, decent special effects, plenty of humour and action - but a bit cheesy in parts.

Nr rating:

Five Children and It

What did you think of Five Children and It?

I think it's like Harry Potter in a way, but more creepy and 'it' is the most hideous creature I've ever seen! On the other hand, I liked the fantasy and adventure
Imogen, 10, Tonbridge

Just to say, I've seen it and loved it, but it's so different from the book.
Patrick, 10, London

I thought it was a great film and very funny!
Rachael, 11, Douglas

It was soooo babyish!!! I hated it. I just sat there hoping it would end soon.
Becky, 10, Oswestry

It is really good, funny and mystical. My favourite character is Robert and the dad.
Ellen, 8, Bristol

Brill film if you like magic fairies or fantasy, but you might not enjoy it as much if you've already read the book by E Nesbit.
Devonie, 13, Launceston

It was kind of sweet in parts and sometimes funny but it didn't have a great storyline.
Amy, 13, Tralee

I saw this the other day. I didn't really enjoy it. It is sooo different from the book.
Lou, 11, Milton Keynes

I think the film was very good. I would probably give it 9 out of 10 even though I still prefer Harry Potter!
Eve, 10, Llandudno

I saw the film yesterday and I think it wasn't worth seeing whereas my sister absolutely loved it.
Hayley, 14, Hertfordshire

This is so different from the early BBC adaptations that anyone who saw it before won't enjoy this film! "It" is supposed to be grumpy!
Carly, 14, Surrey

I really liked this film it missed stuff out of the book but I still enjoyed it.
Linden, 11, Oxford

It's the most babyish film since The Cat in the Hat.
DJ, 11, Bristol

I've read the book so I know what the whole story is about. I hope the film is as good as the book.
Patrick, 9, London

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