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  DVD: Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
Updated 27 September 2004, 18.27
Mary-Kate and Ashley
Release date: 20 September 2004 (Cert U)

The stars: Mary-Kate and Ashley star as Lynn and Kelly Farmer, with Eric McCormack who's Will from Will & Grace playing their dad!

The plot: When Lynn and Kelly's family home is in jeopardy, they visit their Aunt Agatha to ask her for money. But when they discover she's a witch and has trapped her sister in a mirror, the twins set off to free Aunt Sophia and save their house.

Best bit: When Lynn and Kelly bribe some kids with their Halloween sweets so they can swap costumes and sneak off.

Fave character: Mr N is fabulous as a homeless man who dreams of being rich and famous.

Any slip-ups?: This is vintage Mary-Kate and Ashley - from when they were very young. As a result, they have the tendency to overact. And why is no-one bothered that a pair of seven-year-old girls are running around at night alone?

DVD Extras: There aren't any. Being quite an old film, they probably didn't plan to shoot extra behind-the-scenes stuff for DVDs!

Hit or Miss: If you live in the USA, you probably see this film every Easter or Christmas on the telly. Because of the age of the film, don't expect any special effects or stunts. And as Mary-Kate and Ashley were young when they made it, you'll probably only enjoy it if you're under eight.

Nr rating:

Two out of five

What do YOU think of Double, Double, Toil and Trouble?

It's cheesy and boring! If you enjoy this, I apologise. But I found it too over-enthusiastic! M-K and Ash, not at their best! Hope you appreciate the criticism!
Zoe, 12, Nottingham

The movie is way cool for all ages and for fans of M-K and Ash - it's a must have. I totally recommend it at Halloween.
Anna, 12, Warwickshire

I think it is great they were so cute when they were seven.
Clare, 13, Bradford

I loved it, it was amazing. The magic was fantastic. I liked Mary-Kate the best. BUY IT, BUY IT, BUY IT!!!!!!
Claire, 10, Sunderland

I saw it when I was about 6 and thought it was funny, but now I just think that mk+ash were cute, but soooooo over-enthusiastic.
Katie, 12, Bedford

I think that the review says it all. OK, so they were funny and cute and all that when they were little, and it's cool to compare the girls to now, but seriously, isn't anyone but me just a little bit annoyed at these two twins?
Sarah, 13, Leicester

It's one of their best films, especially when they were younger. They act brilliantly. I woke up at 3.00am in the morning about 3 years ago to record it - they're so cute in it.
Amina, 13, London

I didn't really enjoy it even though Mary-Kate and Ashley were mega cute. I guess it was a bit too little for me!
Becky, 10, Oswestry

I used to watch this movie every Halloween when I was younger. It was my favourite Halloween movie! I thought the witches in the movie were so cool! This movie is perfect for seven year olds and even some teenagers and adults will like it! I highly suggest this movie for Halloween!
Ruby, 15, USA

I must admit I watched it when I was 9 and I found it great but I haven't watched it since if I watched it now I probably would find it childish.
Lydia, 12, Buxton

I saw this film ages ago on some TV programme. It was cheesy and boring. I didn't realise it was MK and Ash!
Lou, 11, Milton Keynes

I used to watch this film so many times around Halloween, that I used to know the whole movie by heart. You probably will enjoy it if you are under 8.
Brooke, 13, USA

I used to LOVE this movie when I was little! But I haven't seen it for ages, so I might not like it as much now!
Kimi, 13, USA

I used to like this movie. In fact, I kinda still do. I think the midget guy is cool!
Mercedez, 13, Atlanta

I thought it was amazing!!! I loved it, especially all the magic in it! Buy it, buy it!, BUY IT!
Susie, 12, Bristol

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