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  Album: JoJo - JoJo
Updated 26 October 2004, 18.11
JoJo's debut album
Release date: 6 September 2004

Style: Soulful pop with attitude

How many good tracks: 12/14

Top tracks: Leave (Get Out), Baby It's You and the big ballad Never Say Goodbye

Weakest track: Fairy Tales

Hit or miss: Definitely a hit! Teen singing sensation JoJo has already had a huge hit with Leave (Get Out) and we think there are going to a be a few more.

It's hard to believe JoJo is 13 years old. She has an amazing voice, whether she is singing cool urban pop or big power ballads.

A great CD to play when you're hanging out with your mates and if you're into Beyonce, J-Lo or Christina Aguilera, you'll love this!

Nr rating:

4 out of 5

What do YOU think of JoJo's debut album?

I'm not a big fan of the album, but I do think it's ok! I just think she's a bit uncool. Its one of these albums that you buy because you hope the albums like the 1st single.......but it's just NOT! I was a bit disappointed really.
Edel, 15, Ireland

Her single is great, and even if the other songs on her cd aren't fabulous, cut her some slack! She's only thirteen and it's her first cd! For her age, it's awesome.
Amy, 13, Canada

I love her new album and her songs especially her remix of baby it's you with bow wow. she's such an amazing singer and has such a good voice for a 13 yr old. she has influenced me and my mates a lot as we were thinking of becoming singers. if Jo Jo can do it so can we!
Nooreen, 12, Leicester

WOW!! this is the best cd I have ever heard. she is an amazing singer for a thirteen year old. this is the best for a long time.
Megan, 11, East Kilbride

I really love her song - and she's only 13 - WOW. I might check her album out now. Only problem, if she's only 13, how does she know so much about relationships. I mean she can't be that experienced, can she??
Rupinder, 14, Reading

My friend got this from America, and apparently the only good song on it is 'Leave'. She is a good singer, but a bit too young to be entering the music business.
Lou, 11, Milton Keynes

I hate this album. The worst I have ever heard. The songs are all the same. This atrocity shouldn't have been released.
Emma, 14, London

"She's soo good! Amazing voice for a 13 year old! When my mates told me I didn't believe them!"
Hira, 13, Hounslow

"I really like her music, she is one of the few singers who is actually herself and not made-up."
Eleni, 11, USA

"Leave ( Get Out ) reminds me of Frankee. A talent less girl with a catch hit as a revenge on an ex. I haven't heard the album but anyone can sing her single."
David, 12, Cardiff

"Awesome, she has an amazing voice and is very pretty!"
Jay, 15, Nelson

"This is the BEST! Plus she is only 13 and she has a great voice!!"
Monika, 13, London

"Nahh... the best song of the entire album is Get Out, the others are a bit cheesy, and something doesn't sound right. But her voice is very good and i'm impressed with what she's accomplished- an album!! but not a very good one..."
Arna, 15, Holland

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