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  Single: Franz Ferdinand - Michael
Updated 13 September 2004, 14.13
Franz Ferdinand
Release date 23 August 2004

Style: Rip-roaring dancefloor filler - perfect to pose around to!

Lyrics: It's about fancying someone - quite a lot.

Will you still be humming it next week? Oh my, yes! This is the stand-out track from the band's Mercury Prize-nominated debut album. You'll even be singing "danz" instead of "dance" Alex Kapranos-style.

Chart worthiness: It deserves to do well. C'mon, buy it!

Nr rating:

What do YOU think of Franz Ferdinand's new single?

Yes its really good. I don't think it'll do to well in the charts though. But ONLY because it hasn't got enough air play.
David, 12, Cardiff

I love this song - I think it's one of the standout tracks on the album. It's great!
Clare, 14, Essex

Fab song. Can't wait until their concert. Franz Ferdinand rock! I really hope it'll be their first number one, 'coz it's even better than Take Me Out and even Matinee!!
Gilly, 12, Harrow

I don't like this song, it's boring and I find myself waiting for it to finish. The beats are way too complicated and so are the lyrics.
Nay, 13, Nottingham

I think this is Franz Ferdinand's best song. I like the way Alex doesn't speak in an American accent.
Sophie, 11, London

I LOVE THIS SONG! it really suits Franz Ferdinand's quirky style. Plus the lyrics are daring and ironic!
Amy, 13, Coventry

Franz Ferdinand are so great! Michael is a fantastic song, they are very talented so it deserves to do well.
Honey, 14, London

What rubbish. I don't think I have ever heard a worse song, apart from their first song Take Me Out.
Lilly, 15, London

Wow! This song is wicked! Can't get it out of my head since I first heard it. I'm definitely buying it! It's wicked!
Alesha, 14, Southport

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