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  Film: DodgeBall
Updated 13 September 2004, 12.16

Release date: Friday 27 August (Cert 12A)

The stars: Vince Vaughan (Peter la Fleur, laid-back gym owner), Ben Stiller (White Goodman, mad mulleted muscleman), Rip Torn (Patches O'Houilihan, disgusting, weird ex-Dodgeball champion)

The plot: Peter La Fleur's run-down gym, Average Joe's, is facing being closed and turned into a car park for nasty neighbours Globo Gym, owned by the spectacularly stupid White Goodman.

But Average Joe's customers spot a way to save their gym - win an international dodgeball competition for $50,000.

For those of you that don't know, dodgeball basically involves throwing balls at each others heads. Nice.

Best bits: Dodgeball training. It starts by dodging spanners, enough said!

Fave characters: Ben Stiller is hilarious as the evil, body-obsessed, moustachioed, moronic Goodman, with blinding white teeth and the most awesome highlighted mullet since the 80s!

Any slip-ups?: The plot does seem like an excuse for some very rude gags. Not one for younger kids really.

Hit or Miss: A belly laugh of a hit.

Nr rating:

What did you think of DodgeBall?

One of the funniest films I have ever seen. Crying with laughter...stay till the credits have finished.
Annie, 13, Middlesborough

I thought it was very good, it can be rude in parts but you just have to get over it - it is only a film!!!
Bex, 13, Surrey

Great! A really funny film. Ben Stiller is HILARIOUS and Vince Vaughan is good as well.
Will, 14, Kent

Absolutely hilarious!!! Ben stiller has certainly done it this time, his best film yet! a little rude though, not for a younger audience.
Elvan, 14, Oxford

It was really good but then again it was really gross!!
Scott, 14, Rugby

I don't think I laughed once at this distinctly average so-called comedy. Ben Stiller is normally funny but in this he was just rubbish. I really can't believe I went to see this mediocre film.
Katy, 14, London

Wow, I think the film was awesome, although younger children wouldn't really understand it all, so wouldn't find it funny. Another great Ben Stiller film!
Hollie, 13, Egham

I thought it was really good, but a little rude, definitely not for a 7-year-old. The last movie that Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn did (Starsky and Hutch) was also very good!
Sinead, 12, Belfast

FANTASTIC !!!!! Very funny and a lot of fun. Recommend it to anyone.
Claire, 13, Edinburgh

HILARIOUS!!! It was just so funny. The plot was rather silly but was made up for by the laughs. I totally recommend this movie to anyone with a sense of humour.
Jen, 14, USA

I hated it! How can you make a good film about Dodgeball? I was interested for the first 30 seconds and then I became bored. Not a film that I'd want to see again! I've seen better!
Alesha, 14, Southampton

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