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  Game: Spider-Man 2
Updated 13 September 2004, 12.47
Spider-Man 2 game

Format: PS2 (version reviewed) GameCube, Xbox, PC, GBA

The Plot: You can play through the levels to meet Doctor Octopus, or take your time and help normal people out with muggers and thieves, by using Spidey's quick reflexes, combat skills and of course his webs.

Playability: The only thing that will make you stop is if you get dizzy from swinging around the city!

Fun: The webs are great fun, letting you swing criminals round your head or tie them up to stop them running away. But the best part is of course swinging from building to building.

Graphics: Although the graphics aren't super-realistic, they do the job well and they soon suck you in.

Difficulty: It's easy to get the knack of and when you do it's fantastic to just swing around the city!

Hit or Miss: There's so much to keep your interest this game will have you coming back again and again.

NR rating:

What did YOU think of Spider-Man 2 the game?

Brilliant game! A couple of hiccups, though - Most of the missions are very similar and it can be quite slow at loading, especially when you come to a new area, but definitely worth buying!!
Josh, 14, Inverness

This game is brilliant. Swinging is absolutely exhilarating! Although the graphics aren't great, the final cut scene in which Spidey reveals himself to MJ is incredibly realistic. Buy it!
Adam, 12, Newbury

A great game worth everybody's attention, not just Spidey fans. You'll keep coming back to it again and again.
John, 14, Canterbury

This game was quite good. It was quite easy to control and I kept wanting to play it! The graphics were good too, although I have seen better. It had lots of music, which I found is a plus playing this game.
Attia, 12, London

I love this game and I have got real far on it I love the graphics though they are not as smooth as the first one. It's more realistic. I give it 2 thumbs up
Simon, 14, Birmingham

A brill game! The swinging is the best thing, and having the actual actors from the movie do the voices make it more closer to the film!
Kayleigh, 16, Romford

I think it really makes you feel like a super-hero. Swinging around New York (a quarter the size of the real one) is great! The graphics range from average to very good, and Spidey's sayings can sometimes be annoying. The only real flaw is that the missions are all very similar, and get a bit repetitive.
David, 12, Belfast

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