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  Single: Natasha Bedingfield
Updated 26 August 2004, 18.11

Release date 16 August 2004

Style: Pop, funk with a bit of Rn'B

Lyrics: Not that long ago she was seriously proud of being single, but now Daniel's little sis wants to shout about being in love from the roof-tops.

She sets about writing a classic love song, and can't get inspired by anything. Even reciting Byron, Shelley and Keats over hip-hop beats doesn't hit the mark.

After filling the waste bin with paper, Natasha says "see you later" to "clever rhymes" and decides that "there's no other way to better say, I love you, I love you".

All in all, really fun lyrics with a sweet storyline.

Will you still be humming it next week? Definitely! A really catchy tune, funky and fun.

Chart worthiness: Straight in at number one!

Nr rating:

Five out of five

What do YOU think of the Natasha Bedingfield track?

I'm really into music and when I heard Natasha's style and voice I knew she would be awesome. These Words is an excellent song and is really catchy - my chart prediction is number 3!!
Emma, 12, Manchester

I think that the underlying message of the song is ok, but I think all in all it's not something I personally can really say is of importance or relevance in my life, and it's perhaps a bit TOO simple. Catchy and fun though. She's not one of my favourite singers either.
Claire, 14, Cheshire

I think this song is fab and I can't wait for the album to come out. I also think she is way better than her brother.
Rebecca, 11, Sheffield

I love it whenever it's on. I start singing and dancing to it, then I can't get the song out of my head and it drives everyone I know up the wall!
Gina, 11, Bristol

I really like this track. The lyrics are ace and they actually make sense! The 1.99 CD includes her singing 'Single' in the Radio 1 studio. It goes to show that she can really sing well and the company hasn't just tweaked her voice.
Lou, 11, Milton Keynes

I reckon it's great. I heard it in a shop first, andIi was like, that is the song to listen to. I like lots of songs, and in my personal charts it gets a no. 1 or 2.
Isabelle, 11, Taunton

I didn't really like her first single but I think this one is great! A number hit definitely!!!
Sam, 14, London

I think it's great!! The best yet!! 'Cos it's got that funky tune in it that make you sing along!! I think it will go in the top 3 in the charts!!
Sou, 11, Birmingham

It's really catchy but simple. I thought that she wouldn't be able to top "Single" but she's done herself proud. "These words" should go straight to number one - it's wicked! Natasha's got such an amazing voice!
Lizz, 12, Rochdale

It's good - nice sweet lyrics but not number one worthy. It needs to be catchier and more dancey!
Anna, 13, London

A really catchy, feel good tune, ever since I heard it I've been humming it!
Steph, 14, Marchwood

I think Natasha is a great singer, not only have both her singles so far been excellent, she can also sing live really well!
Hollie, 13, Egham

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