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  Star Wars
Darth Vader First Star Wars trailer released
The first glimpse of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith is out
Star Wars Episode III Star Wars: Episode III poster out
The first teaser poster for Revenge of the Sith is out
Revenge of the Sith is the final Star Wars film Get ready for Revenge of the Sith
The title of the final Star Wars film has been revealed as Revenge of the Sith.
C3PO C3PO joins R2-D2 in Hall Of Fame
Mechanical marvel C3PO is set to join his Star Wars buddy R2-D2 in the Robot Hall Of Fame.
A promotional image from Star Wars: Clone Wars Star Wars saga to continue in cartoons
The gaps between Star Wars Episodes II and III are going to be filled by cartoons.
Thousands choose Star Wars as a 'religion'
Star Wars words make it into dictionary
UK Star Wars fans to see Clones DVD first
Star Wars conquers box office
Star Wars: Attack of the mistakes
First fake Star Wars copies seized in UK
Star Wars: Attack of the vandals
Spidey holds off the Attack of the Clones
Star Wars beats Rings at box office
Cinema feels force of angry fans
C-3PO actor: 'Clones is best Star Wars film'
Inside Skywalker Ranch
Star Wars 'cloned on the net'
Samuel L Jackson talks to Newsround
Anakin: 'Lightsabres are the coolest!'
Hayden Christensen talks to Newsround
Natalie Portman talks to Newsround
Attack of the Clones: our review!
Lucas says Phantom Menace was 'let down'
Obi Wan actor blasts Episode I
Star Wars fans start queuing in LA
New Star Wars is 'the best one ever'!
Clone War trailer is action-packed
Ewan's supersonic Star Wars flight
Are 'N Sync in or out of Star Wars?
Four-month wait for Star Wars fans
Star Wars has best soundtrack ever
Star Wars voted best film ever
Second Star Wars trailer released
Newsround shows new Star Wars trailer
Details of new Star Wars trailer revealed

Read your reviews of the film Your reviews of Star Wars II
C-3PO in the hotseat! Watch the video here
Is Spider-man better than Star Wars? Vote: Spider-Man or Star Wars?
Anakin Skywalker Star Wars characters: the essential guide
Press Packer Ben 'Attack of the Clones is excellent!'
Mel & Max feel the force
Cool Episode II pics Star Wars: Click here for pix!
Try our Star Wars quiz! Quiz: is the force strong with you?
Calvin S Club Jnr's Calvin chats to Newsround
Vote for your fave Star Wars film
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