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  Lord of the Rings
The final Rings DVD comes out in December Extended ROTK on sale in December
The extended version of the Return of the King goes on sale in December.
Sir Ian McKellen Rings stars reunite for kids film
Andy Serkis and Sir Ian McKellen are to appear in an animated film together
Aragorn LOTR celebrates its 50th birthday
Fellowship of the Ring was published on 29 July 1954
Elijah Wood played Frodo in the films Elijah standing in for Radio 1 DJ
Film star Elijah Wood is set to turn radio star when he stands in for top Radio 1 DJ John Peel.
JRR Tolkien Rings books smash auction hopes
Rare copies of The Lord of the Rings were sold for twice the expected amount
LOTR: The musical 'out in 2005'
Legal delays hold up Hobbit film
Sporty Rings fans target archery
Massive Oscars success for Rings
ROTK now second biggest film ever
Hobbit trailer excites Rings fans
Rings named best film at Baftas
ROTK is third biggest film ever
Gollum star named best Brit actor
ROTK in line for 12 Bafta awards
Rings wins another top film award
Rings 'has longest credits ever'
ROTK wins four big US film awards
Potter and Rings boost DVD sales
Hobbit film looking more likely
Museum opens late for LOTR fans
Final Rings film breaks US record
ROTK in running for Golden Globes
Elijah 'can't wait for fans to see Rings 3'
Rings is voted the UK's best book
Thousands out for ROTK premiere
Behind the scenes at the premiere party
Tolkien lands role in Rings movie
ROTK split into two for UK cinema
Gollum actor 'to play King Kong'
Wellington set for Rings premiere
Rings actors 'row' for more cash
Rings fans demand Saruman return
'No Saruman' in third Rings film
Rings star to start record label
Final ROTK poster is released
Three-week queue for LOTR tickets
Kid Baftas: Potter takes on Rings
Injured LOTR actor sues TV show
Return of the King trailer is out!
I met the head of the Orcs!
LOTR exhibition breaks ticket record
Shops angry LOTR DVD is sold early
Rings soundtrack voted best ever
Return of the King: 'biggest war film' ever?
LOTR exhibition demand shocks organisers
First poster for final Rings movie is here
Tolkien's Orcs make it into dictionary
Rings grabs four MTV Movie Awards
Lord of the Rings to be turned into a musical!
Orlando lands another top film role
Precious Gollum named best movie creature
Rare recording of Tolkien reading LOTR found
LOTR Return of the King premiere row settled
Rings music voted a classical hit
More Merry and Pippin in Two Towers DVD
Gollum spies a precioussssssssss MTV award
Orlando to star in Trojan War epic
Two Towers wins special effects Oscar
Newsround's exclusive chat with Gollum!
Safety ad barred from using Rings quote
Rings actor calls for Hobbit TV show
Middle Earth comes alive in Scottish exhibition
Two Towers named best flick by the public
Thousands of fake Two Towers DVDs seized
Lord of the Rings up for nine Baftas!
It's Lard of the Rings
Eminem's 8 Mile ends Rings' box office reign
LOTR fan gets finger stuck in ring!
Orlando lets his beard Bloom
Rings and Spider-Man tie for top film award
Rings star Billy helps young actors
Frodo and Harry cause DVD explosion!
Rings towers over Star Trek in cinemas
Tolkien fans toast eleventy-first birthday
The Two Towers opens at last!
What it was like at the Two Towers premiere
Stars dazzle at Two Towers UK premiere
Elijah Wood: 'Third Rings movie is the best'
Two Towers interviews
Fake Two Towers DVDs on the internet
Two Towers has world premiere
Two Towers gets tougher 12A rating
Gollum actor hid in the hills for Rings
Catch another glimpse of the Two Towers
Rings fans get Hobbiton for premier tix wait
New Two Towers trailer on the web
Rings release smashes record
Saruman launches Rings DVD
Two Towers teasers are here!
Rings wins best movie at MTV Awards
England squad to relax with Potter and Rings
I came face to face with Saruman!
Rings heads up MTV movie nominations
Nameless elf gets cult Rings status
Orlando's battle scene was bloomin' hard!
Lord of the Rings DVD date revealed
Lord of the Rings misses major awards
Rings wins five Baftas, Potter gets none
Potter and hobbits send cinema sales sky high
Two Towers trailer added to first Rings movie
Lord of the Rings game unveiled
Cricket fans roar their way into Rings movie
Lord of the Rings leads Oscars race
Rings makers buy film rights to Pullman books
Fansite describes second Rings film trailer
Lord of the Rings up for 12 Baftas
Rings is still top film in UK
Rings toppled from US film charts
Elijah Wood reveals fave scene in Rings II
Potter and Rings still rule box offices
Lord of the Rings is number one!
Rings rakes it in at box office
Fans worldwide rush to Lord of the Rings
Lord of the Rings to topple Potter
Rings up for its first award
Amazing Lord of the Rings film facts
Magic night for Rings premiere
Tolkein's son denies dissing the Rings
Lord of the Rings tickets sell for 4,000
Rings film warning for under-eights
Lord of the Rings gets 'PG' rating
Lord of the Rings 'not Potter's rival'
Hobbiton comes to life in New Zealand

Lord of the Rings
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