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Picking Press Packs What makes a great report?

Hi, I'm Cris, and I look after the Press Pack reports. On this page I've picked some of my all time favourites and said a bit about why I like them.

Edward went to see the film Reign of Fire

"What I like about this is that Edward tells us exactly what he thought about the film he's reviewing. He hated it, but was very honest about that. He didn't write what he thought we wanted to hear. Winning some free tickets from us didn't stop him rubbishing the film!"

Sarah tells us about a fire at her school

"This was Sarah's personal account of a major news story that happened in her area. We didn't know about it until she contacted us. It's great because she realised that something happening in her life was a news story that people would be interested in."

Daniel said we were wrong to cover a world record attempt

"Daniel's report is based on a news story. He says we were wrong to report on a record attempt in case it encouraged other people to try dangerous things. Dan states his opinion and then explains clearly why he feels that way and it challenges the reader to make up their own mind."

Abi Rose describes what it's like to be at an event

"Anyone who reads this gets a good idea of what it's like at the Edinburgh festival, even if they've never been there. It's full of great descriptions of a big event that is happening in a reader's local area."

Olivia is the Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year

"Here Olivia is letting people know about something great she's achieved. It also has great photos so people can see for themselves how exciting this type of photography can be. She gives advice and the report could inspire other young people."

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