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  Stars In Their Eyes: Kids 2002
Updated 05 September 2002, 12.49
Matthew Kelly hosts Stars In Their Eyes for adults as well as kids
Each week, we get you to review something totally fresh.

This week, we asked you what you thought of Stars In Their Eyes: Kids 2002

Here are some of the best reviews sent in.

Zara, 14, Inverness

opening quoteThe little boy who was Michael Jackson was amazing, I thought he should have won.

If I could be anybody I would be Beyonce, coz she is the most BOOTYLICIOUS diva!!!!!closing quote

Vanessa, 13, London

opening quoteIt was fab cos the stars were all mixed from old stars to new stars.

All the children were talented and from diffrent age groups and the make-overs were excellent.

It's good because it gives kids a chance to show their talent out to the nation.closing quote

Nicky, 12, Wiltshire

opening quoteKids Stars in Their Eyes is fantastic because people get to see the talent that might never be spotted in kids.

If kids want to do singing as a career, they get a taster on the show and could still decide if they want to or not.

Well done to the person who thought of a kids special!closing quote

Kirsty, 14, Radstock

opening quoteWOW! It was amazing! All that talent!

I'm glad Eva Cassidy won, she should win the final too. She was amazing!

And that little 10-yr-old girl, I can't believe such a small girl could produce such a voice!

Well done 2 all of them!closing quote

Hayley, 14, St Helen's

opening quoteI watched it tonight. I think it's good but my twin sister has been working on some demos and she should go on there because she's the best.

She's got a fab voice and is gonna be huge. The kids on there are good but not as great as my sister!closing quote

Lara, 14, London

opening quoteThe girl who won, Eva Cassidy, was amazing!

She could sing really well and really sounded like her.

But I didn't think J-Lo was that brilliant, but still good, all in all, a cool show!closing quote

Hannah, 12, Milton Keynes

opening quoteI'm listening to it while I write this!

I LOVED the boy who was Michael Jackson - he's even better then Jacko himself!closing quote

Philippa, 14, Startford-upon-Avon

opening quoteI thought the Stars in their Eyes kids special was absolutely fantastic. I thought all the acts were brilliant. I thought the boy who sang like Michael Jackson was really good and was also able to keep up with the dancing. The 10-year-old girl at the end I thought was really good because she had so much confidence and you could really see that in the way she performed. But the best of the night had to be the girl who sang Eva Cassidy's Over The Rainbow. I thought she was amazing and she deserved to win. She hit all the high notes without a screech and she performed really well, and nearly brought me to tears by how good she was. Well done to all of them! I will definitely be watching the next episodes. closing quote

Amy, 13, Lincolnshire

opening quoteThis is a fab show to show young kids that they can do something with their lives. It gives the younger viewers hopes. Recently, we have seen Pop Idol and Popstars, but they are only for people over 16 while this is a perfect for younger generations. The whole family can enjoy this. Yesterday's show was excellent with great singers on the show and the person who won deserved it. Well done to her. This show just shows people that children do have talent. The saying 'children must be seen, not heard' is a well known saying. This just corrects that saying.closing quote

Alexandra, 11, Stroud

opening quoteI watched Stars in their Eyes: Kids 2000 and I thought it was good. The girl who was Eva Cassidy deserved to win but they were all good. They were very brave and I could never do anything like that. But if I had to I would want to be Debby Harry from Blondie!closing quote

Juliet, 15, Norwich

opening quoteI thought that all the acts were really good. It's nice to see children doing 'old' music such as the winner who did Donny Osmand. The girls who did Cleopatra could really sing and dance. The Leanne Riems was absolutely amazing. You should watch out for those kids in the future because they were all really excellent. I would love to be in a stars your eyes kids special. closing quote

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