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  Lord of the Rings DVD
Updated 15 August 2002, 10.52

Each week, we get YOU to review something in the news!

We asked you to send us your reviews of the Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring DVD.

Here are some of the best ones sent in.

Amy, 12, Leigh:

opening quoteI think that The Lord of the Rings DVD is absolutely amazing - a must for every fan!

With all it's jam-packed extras, interviews and behind the scenes footage, The Lord of the Rings DVD is certainly better than Harry Potter and at least the film DVD/film of the year!

The only flaw about the release of this DVD is that they have decided to release the same film at Christmas, but just with extra behind the scenes footage. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!

If they decide to do this with the other DVD's then they will definitely loose a few fans.

Apart from that minor problem the DVD is a hit. closing quote

Jessica, 13, Vermont, USA:

opening quoteMove over HP because LOTR is better.

When I first saw the previews of LOTR I thought it would be stupid. But When I first saw it on DVD, I thought it was good.

I am surprised that it was #1 film when it came out. If I were to rate this movie from 1-10 I would give it a 10.

Legolas is my favourite character. I think he is so hot and very swift and masterful with his bow. closing quote

Dani, 13, Leicester:

opening quoteMagical, the LOTR DVD is pure magic!

The special features were just as amazing, they are easy to get to, there are lots of them, and they are all great! I can't wait till the extended DVD comes out in November with half an hour extra and scenes they had to cut!

I give it 11 out of 10, it's that good! I would recommend it to anyone!closing quote

Tests, 13, Glasgow:

opening quoteThis is the best film I have EVER seen!!!

The effects in the film are great and the cast members are all sooo talented and not to mention down right gorgeous!!

The LOTR DVD is much better than the Harry Potter one cause you don't have to spend hours on end on a quest just so you can find the special features. Me and my big brother have been trying since May!

The special effects are amazing and much more realistic than Harry Potter! You want proof? Come on!! "They have a cave troll!!!!"closing quote

Chris, 14, Newcastle:

opening quoteI was very pleased with the features and the interviews. This one of the best DVDs I have seen!!

The music is awesome and the graphics are out of this world! The way it shows you how they made the sets and how long it took to make them is cool!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait for the special edition and the Two Towers film later in the year.closing quote

Sarah, 13, Ireland:

opening quoteLord of the Rings is PATHETIC!

I only got the DVD because my friends dared me to. It's just a boring, fairy-tale that is just too sad for it's own good!

I've seen a lot of rubbish films in the past, but this one, by far, is the worst one of all!

I can't believe all you people actually like it, I mean, in my opinion, it is aimed for two year olds!

I think that the next film will probably be even worse than the first! I would give Lord of the Rings DVD two out of ten.

For all you people who haven't wasted their money on it, I really advise you to use your money on something at least half decent. closing quote

James, 11, Durham:

opening quoteForget Harry Potter, Rat Race and The Others because this is the DVD of the summer!

The film, though not as good as Attack Of The Clones (in my opinion) is still incredible. The extras were brilliant!

The Two Towers looks amazing and I can't wait to see it! All the acting is brilliant (especially Saruman) and the commentary is good. BUY IT NOW!!!! closing quote

Jemma, 15, Middlesbrough:

opening quoteOh my goodness!!

I can't believe it has finally arrived - the day I'd been waiting for ever since I saw the film at the cinema! And what a film it is with loads of juicy interviews and a really thorough behind-the-scenes look at the Two Towers!

I've already watched it 5 times and I just can't get enough of it! Anyone who hasn't got this DVD/Video you must get it! It's a must-have movie and it stars Elijah Wood which makes it 1000 times better! closing quote

Victoria, 14, Basingstoke:

opening quoteOne word.. ASTRONOMICAL.

Potter, move over, let the real movie makers take the spotlight! The Lotr DVD is the best DVD I have ever seen!

I am a huge fan of the film and books, and I am not disappointed! Compared to HP, this is number 1!! Well done LOTR for selling out a record breaking 1.27 million in the UK!! Lord of the Rings rocks!!! closing quote

Michelle, 12, Lancaster:

opening quoteWow!!! I knew it would be good but the LOTR dvd really surpassed all my expectations.

The special featurettes were spectacular; I loved the 10 minute Two Towers preview with commentary from director Peter Jackson.

However, the best part was undoubtedly the 2.5 min special Orlando Bloom feature. He's looking so hot and I cannot wait for the November special edition! closing quote

Tracy, 13, Bath:

opening quoteAll I can say is, it's amazing.

Forget Harry Potter, this is the real McCoy!

The picture and sound quality are superb, and there are lots of additional features. If you are having difficulty deciding if you should wait for the 4 disc set, or this one, I'd say purchase both, because the 2 films will be totally different.

I can't wait to see Two Towers later in the year.

10/10 closing quote

Lilly, 15, Herts:

opening quoteAfter seeing Lord of the Rings six times at the cinema, you can imagine how excited I was about the release of the DVD.

I enjoyed all of the extras on the DVD, the behind-the-scenes footage of the two towers has really got me desperate for December to arrive!!!!!

I also enjoyed the single interviews with the actors as it gave you a real insight into how they played their characters and what they thought about the film. This DVD has got me not only excited for the two towers, but also for the return of the king in 2003 !!!!!! closing quote

Soraya, 13, St Albans:

opening quoteWOW! I was really looking forward to seeing the DVD extras and I wasn't disappointed.

The quick interviews showed some behind-the-scenes footage and that was brilliant!!!

The presentation was not what I was hoping for, I mean, if you looked at the Harry Potter DVD box and then the Lord of the Rings box, which one do you prefer? The one with fancy flaps or the ordinary one?

You'll be seeing me at the shops to get the special edition, that's for sure!closing quote

Lauren, 13, California, USA:

opening quoteI think the DVD is really neat! It had a 10 minute look at The Two Towers, and now I can't wait to see it!

It's not like the Harry Potter DVD, and doesn't have hidden things, and you can find everything on the menu. But, it is really neat!

I can't wait to see the four disk DVD!closing quote

Angie, 13, Australia:

opening quoteThe LOTR DVD'S are exactly what all DVD's SHOULD be like. The special features are amazing!!

I sat at my TV for hours, dissecting all the special features. This is probably one of the best DVD's that has ever existed, and it truly shows all the effort and work that all the cast and crew put into the film.

All I've gotta do now is wait for the 4 disc version!closing quote

Andrew, 13, Cleator Moor:

opening quoteThe DVD is ok, it has an exclusive look at The Two Towers film and Game.

It has all the trailers and TV adverts but better wait till the four disk DVD comes out, or buy both.closing quote

Elaine, 11, San Diego, USA:

opening quoteThe graphics were great! I never thought it would be THIS good!

My mom and I watched all of the special features and now we can't wait to see The Two Towers!

But anyway these two discs alone deserve a 10/10! closing quote

Sarah, 14, Pendle:

opening quoteI think that the DVD is brilliant!

The behind the scenes stuff gives you an insight into just how complicated the whole of the creation of the films were and makes you appreciate it all MUCH more.

It also shows the dedication of everyone involved and the love of the story that made it such a successful film from so many angles.closing quote

Amy, 14, Edinburgh:

opening quoteThe DVD is AMAZING!!!!

It is well better than the Harry Potter DVD. I haven't managed to see all the extras yet but I have done most of the main ones. It's really informative and it gives you a really different perspective to the film.

The next movie looks really good and I will definitely be going to see it. This is one of the best DVDs ever made and I would recommend it highly to anyone!closing quote

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