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  Men In Black II
Updated 08 August 2002, 11.08
Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith star in Men In Black II
We asked you to send us your reviews of Men In Black II.

Here are some of the best ones sent in.

Mark, 12, Middlesbrough:

opening quoteMIIB Comin'! Nod Ya Heads! The second was just as good as MIB. It was funny and the special effects were amazing.

My favourite part was when the Statue of Liberty's torch doubled as a giant neuralizer! closing quote

Mark, 11, Athy:

opening quoteI knew MIB2 was going to be wicked so I went to see it the very first day. It was a gazillion times better then the first so everybody just nod you heads at this film.closing quote

Lauren, 13, California:

opening quoteMen in Black 2 was funny, but very much like the first. It was funny, but you kind of knew what to expect. It does have some interesting twists tough, and the little guys and the pug are back!closing quote

Jennifer, 16, Greenock:

opening quoteI thought it was dreadful, unfunny and a complete waste of time, making a mirror image of the last one, with nothing original or even slightly entertaining in the short time it lasted for. Although the part where it ended was good cos then i got to go home!closing quote

Peter, 12, Reading

opening quoteI thought MIIB was amazing. It sent me laughing all the way. Everyone must see it.closing quote

Chris, 15, Orpington:

opening quoteThis movie was definately one of the best I've seen this year. It had hilarious jokes, action packed sequences and brilliant aliens. It introduced new characters and developed old ones. The role reversal of the two main characters was clever and it caried on running gags from the first film. This time round the humor seemed more silly and bizzare. The ending however didnt make much sense and spoiled the film a little. I would give this film a galactic 9/10closing quote

Chloe, 13, London:

opening quoteI thought that the film was more or less like the old one,and having people like Michael Jackson in it made it tacky!closing quote

James, 11, Durham:

opening quoteThis film was terrible! The dog was quite funny and Agent J was funny but apart from that, it was rubbish! The story felt too short and when Agent J is riding that big slug in the subway, it is so fake! If you compare the special effects to the likes of Star Wars, I think we all know who is the winner! However, this is MY opinion and other people think different which is fine.closing quote

Rian, 14, Southampton:

opening quoteI thought Men in Black II was brilliant. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones were great. With Will never taking things seriously and Tommy taking things a bit too seriously in his grumpy mood. They bought the film alive. Frank was great when he was singing. The graphics and actoin scenes were great. I thought it was sad at the end though. I give it 10/10closing quote

Sophie, 13, Peterborough:

opening quoteMen in Black 2 was one of the best films I've seen of 2002, along with Scooby Doo and Spiderman. It was funny, romantic, and action packed with a great storyline. Something for all the family. The aliens were more strange and funny then ever, and all the actors made a fantastic performance. Take my advice and go and see this film, you wont regret it!!closing quote

Addie, 13, Illinois:

opening quoteI thought MIB II was awesome, though I have to admit that I do think the first one was a lot more funnier and exciting.

This movie had a few ups and downs. I loved the special effects, but I didn't like the ending. I give the movie 6 out of 10!!closing quote

Lisa, 12, Cambridgeshire:

opening quoteMen In Black II was extremely funny, but even Frank the talking dog could not match the humor of the first Men In Black movie.

The plot was quite clever but it did not really develop the story any more than the first film did. Even though it did not in any way match the standard of its prequel, I still enjoyed the film.closing quote

Sonia, 13, Leicester:

opening quoteThe men in black are back and even better than the first time! Men in Black II is absolutely brilliant. I went to see it the first day it came out cos I loved the first film.

At first I thought it would be rubbish cos sometimes sequels are. But I was wrong. There was loads of action and comedy and the aliens looked great! I give the film 10/10 and everyone should go and see it. Nod ya head at this film!!!!closing quote

Philippa, 14, Stratford-upon-Avon:

opening quoteI thought MIB 2 was brilliant. I am a huge fan of MIB1 and I didn't think the second one would be able to live up to the first. But with new gadgets and a new villian, the story could not have been any better. The story takes a twist during the film like the first MIB, and a surprise ending comes into play, which is a little sad. The graphics were great and the whole film was really well done.

I give MIB II 10/10!closing quote

Samuel, 12, Hastings:

opening quoteI thought it was a very good film. It me off my seat because it was so funny! Will Smith is so kool!closing quote

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