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  Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron
Updated 13 July 2002, 14.39
The movie is about a horse who becomes a hero
We asked you to review the new animated movie Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron.

Here are some of the best ones.

Yannick, 11, Stoke Poges

opening quoteI found Spirit really boring.

There was no real story line, and the whole 'never give up' message has been done so many times before!!

Just like another predictable and cheezy cartoon movie if you ask me. closing quote

Elli, 14, East Molesey

opening quoteIt was a rubbish film.

The story was so uninteresting and repetative.

Spirit gets captured, escapes, get captured, escapes....and then he falls in love.

This is a horse we are talking about!

I would not recommend it to anyone.

The graphics were good though. closing quote

Louise, 9, Belfast

opening quoteAt first I thought Spirit was going to be one of those films where nothing bad or nothing good happens, but actually it was really good.

Okay, the start was dreary but it warmed up and I liked the way it was trying to send the message 'never give up'

In my opinion Spirit is a film you should definitely go to see! closing quote

Charz, 13, Suffolk

opening quote'Twas a terrible film.

I went with my wee horse-obsessed cousins and they were so excited about seeing it.

I hated witnessing the disappointed looks on their faces after it finished.

We almost walked out!closing quote

Talulah, 10, Twickenham

opening quoteToday I went to see Sprirt with my best friend as I am a horse lover.

When Rain nearly died I was crying!

I thought it was so funny at the begining and when everybody tried to ride him.

When it comes out I'm going straight to the shops to buy it!closing quote

Katharina, 9, Thatcham

opening quoteWhat drew me to watching Spirit was the review of Newsround and the fact that I have two horses of my own.

I quite liked the scene where Spirit jumped into the river trying to save Ray.

It was a very tense film, with a really good ending.

I'd watch it again if I could!closing quote

Lisa, 14, Oxford

opening quoteI went to watch Spirit with my six year old sister for her birthday.

I didn't really want to go and watch a dopey old cartoon but amazingly it was really good!

I really liked the characters especially Spirit himself and the film gave out a good message - don't give up.

It was an enjoyable cartoon to watch.

If you are aged between six and 10, I would say go and watch it.closing quote

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