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  Spider-Man the movie
Updated 02 July 2002, 11.20
Spider-Man is out in cinemas across the UK from 14 June 2002
We asked you to send us your reviews of the new Spider-Man movie.

Here's some of the best ones sent in.

Elli, 14, East Molesey:

opening quoteI have already seen it twice and I love it.

The way Spider-Man moves is amazing, the stunts and moves will hook you and I have been performing the 2-finger-to-your-wrist position in every spare moment.

A very touching yet exiting story, all about good winning over evil, geek turned superhero, and a love story.

The acting and costumes are great. A good script and storyline. Everyone's gonna love this movie! closing quote

Nadia, 13, Manchester:

opening quoteI totally loved the Spiderman movie. I watch the cartoons and read the comics.

I loved all the special effects and Toby Maguire makes a great Spiderman.

I would give it 10/10. I say it's good that it is twelve because it did have some romantic scenes and a bit of violence between the Green Goblin and Spider-Man.

The people that haven't seen it should go and see it.closing quote

Kathryn, 13, Preston:

opening quoteI went to see Spider-Man the other day and I was expecting the usual hero story. I was proved very wrong.

The special effects were absolutely brilliant and with the storyline and actors, which were the best for the job, it was as if I was swinging from building to building on a spider's web myself.

I would say the rating is fair. Anyone who didn't see it at the cinema could always catch it on video or DVD when it comes out anyway.

I would give this film a 10/10 on everything!closing quote

Rachel, 14, Wales:

opening quoteI'm not a major comic fan but this film took my breath away.

The special effects were out of this world and Tobey Maguire was the best choice for Spiderman. Although there was a little too much romance between Peter and Mary Jane, it didn't spoil it to much.

The only complaint that I have is that all my money is going to be wasted as I go and see this film again and again.closing quote

Daniel, 12, Hersham:

opening quoteI think that Spider-Man is brilliant!

The special FX are wicked, and the 12 rating is fair! If I was a parent I would not take my child to see the movie because it is a dark story, and Marvel comics were originally meant for adults.

The 'strong fantasy violence' is fair because, no 4 year old I know would want to see a physcopath get impaled!

Spider-Man gets a five star rating! closing quote

Mark, 12, Middlesbrough:

opening quoteStar Wars? Harry Potter? What are those? Spidey has blown all the other blockbusters out of the water!

Uncle Ben's death is the most realistic part of the film, (my brother cried at this part) and Tobey Maguire is perfect as Peter/Spidey and Kirsten Dunst is great as Mary Jane. Willem Dafoe is not as good a choice for The Goblin/N.O.

In No 2, Spidey faces off against Dr Octopus and Venom. I rate this movie 11/10! I would recommend it to all my friends, but I still think younger children should be allowed to see it. After all, Spidey was originally a comic for kids. closing quote

Craig, 13, Whittlesey:

opening quoteI have seen Spider-Man and to be honest, 12 is waaay to strict. There is no swearing, the violence is clean, no blood or anything!

Little kids who watch the cartoon will be very disappointed by the 12 rating, Spider-Man is an idol to thousands of kids!

I thought the movie was EXCELLENT and I can't wait for Spider-Man 2!!! The only swearing in it is in the soundtrack but it's obvious Corey Taylor (Slipknot frontman) wouldn't be able to do a solo song without swearing at least once. Overall I rate the movie 9/10! closing quote

Daniel, 11, Bellshill:

opening quoteI thought Spider-Man was absolutely spectacular - it makes you believe in the unbelievable.

I think that Spider-Man should have been a PG because even though there some scary bits in it, it isn't enough to put kids off seeing it. A must-see for all the family. closing quote

Rosie, 13, Crewe:

opening quoteI think it is one of the best films this summer! Along with Star Wars.

The storyline is better than a lot of films I've seen. I like the message it gives out saying that 'with great power comes great responsibility'.

I don't think the film should be a 12 because most children will have seen Lord Of the Rings and that had a lot of violence, but it was still rated a PG and Spider-Man was originally made for children. I'd give the film a definite 9/10 closing quote

Sian, 12, Kent:

opening quoteSpider-Man is brilliant. I could watch it a million times and I would never get bored and, it's not that violent but if there was no fighting then the film would be a bit boring. I also think it shouldn't be a 12 - it only has two swear words and they're not REALLY bad. closing quote

Ernie, 11, Enfield:

opening quoteSpider-Man was excellent!

The storyline was really good and the action was brilliant! I thought it had some of the greatest sfx I've seen before in a film.

I do agree with it being rated a 12 because it would seem too violent for kids, but they should have made it a PG-12, because then if an 8 year old saw it with a parent it's their fault, they should deal with it. To summarise, I give Spider-Man 10 out of 10 and strongly recommend it to anyone. closing quote

Jonathan,12, Swansea:

opening quoteI think Spider-Man's the best movie this summer with all the special effects and graphics it made it look like it was real and was really happening.

I love Spider-Man's costume and the Green Goblin's too. The plot was very good and it dropped hints that there's going to be a sequel and I think it deserves a 12 rating 'cause of the violence and some frightening parts. closing quote

Ria, 13, Staines:

opening quoteI love Spider-Man, it is my favourite film of the year.

The acting is really good and the stunts are well done. I want to be Spider-Man. I think it deserves a 12 as most young children who Spider-Man comics appeal to would be scared by some of the scenes. closing quote

Rosie, 13, Livingston:

opening quoteI just saw Spiderman today and I thought it was excellent!!!

Toby Maguire made a great Spiderman and Willem Defoe was a really good baddie! I think the film deserved its 12 rating, because there were a few parts that children might find frightening or violent.

The special effects were amazing and really realistic when Spiderman was swinging between buildings, and the ending was good because it was left open for a sequel to be made. Hopefully a sequel will be made, because I will be first in line!!!closing quote

Charlotte, 12, Bournemouth:

opening quoteSpiderman is excellent! Last night I went to see it and it was so exciting I forgot to eat my popcorn.

The special effects are so real you really believe in them, and with a perfect slushy love story mixed in, what more could you want?

I LOVE SPIDERMAN! closing quote

Cristina, 13, New York, USA:

opening quoteOverall, the movie was good. The action scenes were well done and so were the special effects.

The plot was a little too simple and predictable, but still enjoyable. The only thing that really bothered me was the ending, which was frustrating and gave too many hints about the plot of Spider-Man 2 closing quote

Gail, 8, Bristol:

opening quoteI love it! I have seen it two times! It is very very good! I don't think it should be a 12 as then I could not see it. Please let everyone know it very good. closing quote

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