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Updated 30 May 2002, 18.18
Thunderpants stars Rupert Grint and Bruce Cook
We asked you to review the movie Thunderpants.

Here some of the best you sent in.

Chole, 14, Hampshire:

opening quoteGO THUNDERPANTS!!!

I loved thunderpants because it was humourous but also it had a sensible message that u should overcome your problems.

The acting was brilliant and very convincing.

The only thing was, when I was at the cinema, there were some little brats setting off whoopee cushions and that annoyed me.closing quote

Kaisia, 12, London:

opening quoteI think the movie is very good! It blew me off my seat!

The whole time when I was watching it, I was laughing so much that my friends started laughing at me because I was the 1 laughing the most and had the loudest to laugh!

So if you want a laugh go and watch Thunderpants.closing quote

Ayca, 11, Thatcham:

opening quoteGoing to watch Thunderpants on Sunday May 26th was very exciting.Being a HUGE Harry Potter fan made me want to see it straight away as Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) was featured in it.

The film about a boy who can't control his farts, at first seemed very funny,but as it went along it got more and more sad. At one point I nearly cried!

Nothing good seemed to happen to Patrick until Alan came along.

Rupert Grint was really cool with his 'stuffed up nose' voice and Bruce Cook had a starnge look on him that made you feel so sorry for him.closing quote

Talitha, 14, Bideford:

opening quoteI thought that Thunderpants was amazingly funny! Bruce Cook was very funny but the funniest by far was Rupert Grint playing Patrick's best friend Alan.

When Rupert came on to the screen, my friend and I went into fits of hysterical laughter, everyone around us got really annoyed because we were giggling so loud!

He looked extremely ridiculous with a perm and huge glasses - it's definately not his style. Anyway, both he and Bruce were brilliant actors and they really made the film enjoyable.

The storyline of Thunderpants was excellent - really funny but with a positive message running through it!

It was a fantastic film and I would give it a 8/10! It was good but it doesn't beat Harry Potter.closing quote

Kirsty, 14, Radstock:

opening quoteI was lucky enough to get tickets to the premiere. It was really good, the acting was great and there isn't really a bad thing I can say about it!

Rupert Grint was superb! His acting skills are brilliant.

Bruce Cook has made a great start to his career through this film and he's going to go far.

The premiere was great and the atmosphere was fantastic! closing quote

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