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  Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones
Updated 24 May 2002, 15.06
Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones is now on at cinemas in the UK
We asked you to review Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

Here's some of the best ones you sent in.

Claire, 14, Tonbridge:

opening quoteStar Wars - Episode II was the best film I've seen since Moulin Rouge(which I loved).

It had something for everyone - Hayden Christensen and the romantic scenes for the girls and Natalie Portman and the battle scenes for the guys, plus a great storyline.

The special effects were brilliant and you could hardly tell where the real stuff ended and the animated stuff began. It was so well done.

Natalie Portman has turned the stiff, unruffled Queen Amidala of Episode I into a lovable character that is confused about her feelings and battling between what she wants to do and what she should do.

Hayden Christensen portrayed Anakin just how everyone imagined - strong, bold, in love and heading towards the dark side. His character was complex and I think Christensen managed to take both sides of Anakin and reveal them when necessary, not muddling them and making the viewer confused.

I give this film 9.5/10 because the script was a bit wooden - not that im letting that detract from a brilliant storyline.closing quote

Pete, 14, Olney:

opening quoteI'm not a big Star Wars fan and after seeing this it put me off Star Wars altogether.

Sure the special effects are amazing and the film is world famous but this doesn't make up for the fact that the acting was rubbish and the jokes not even close to making me crack a smile.

Granted I was impressed by the well choreographed light sabre fights but overall I don't think the film lived up to the hype.

I give it a 5 out of 10.

I'll stick to my Star Trek thank you very much.closing quote

Jennifer, 14, Grays:

opening quoteI've got to say it, Stars Wars 2 was definately far better than Star Wars 1.

There were so many jokes you could actually laugh at, but beware you must have watched all the previous Star Wars movies to understand them, and the effects were outstanding.

All the actors do a very good job with the characters. The only bad thing was when Jar Jar binks came on to the scene, but I have to admit he isn't as annoying as he was in Star Wars 1.

Also when Anakin and Padme become luvey dovey it is very cringe-worthy.

All in all if you are a Star Wars fan you'll burst out laughing but if you are not go and see it anyway to see what everyone's been going on about over the last 25 years.closing quote

Kirsty, 14, Radstock:

opening quoteAfter watching Episode 1, I really hoped Episode 2 would be better.

It Was!

We had a 10 minute interval in the middle and the first half of the film was really boring! Too much romance.

The second half was a lot better, thankfully.

The lightsabre battles were good and the big battle between the Jedi and the Clones was great, but apart from that I don't see what all the fuss was about.

For a film that was supposed to be 'action-packed' it was a huge let down.

Films like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings were far better. Even Ice-age and Monsters inc were more fun to watch. closing quote

Michelle, 14, London:

opening quoteI was really excited as I waited in the huge line with my friend, waiting to be allowed to get in.

The beginning was brilliant but, as the film developed, I started to get pretty bored.

The chasing was cool but the romantic bits either make you want to puke or blush. It was really corny and very typical.

What I didn't understand was when they said that they weren't allowed to love and then, before you know it, they started rolling around with each other on the grass?!

The film had highs and lows. The best parts were when Ewan McGregor fought well and the light sabre bits were fantastic.

But, some bits were ridiculous. For instance, Padme was supposed to be in hiding and yet in almost every scene she was wearing some outrageous outfit which was bound to get her noticed. Was she trying to make a fashion statement?

Maybe it was because I never saw the Phanton Menace, but I give this film 6 out of 10.closing quote

Rachel, 12, London:

opening quoteThe moment I heard the famous music I began to cringe. I hated Star Wars and had no idea what I was doing in the cinema watching this film.

Then I remembered the argument I had on the phone with my mates "you have to go see it, Hayden Christensen is gorgeous".

Half way through the film I began to think - this is amazing.

The effects were brilliant and the actors were so good. My friends were right about Hayden and I came out of the cinema as an all new, MASSIVE Star Wars fan.

I'll be going to see it again, as well as watching the other four.

I give this film a 10/10.closing quote

Michelle, 12, Worcester:

opening quoteI thought that the new Star Wars film was fantastic!

It was loads better than the Phantom Menace, and provided me and my family with a really good day out at the cinema.

The best thing about it was the special effects,and all the monsters looked really realistic,although I think the romance in the film was drawn out a bit too long.

I'd give it a fantastic 9/10! closing quote

James, 12, Ettrick:

opening quoteThe main titles started and I had butterflies in my stomach! The effects, the sound and the plot were all brilliant.

It gets a bit embarrasing though when Anakin and Padme smooch (especially when you are sitting next to your dad!).

Yoda is now going to be the coolest guy on the block!

Jar Jar, C-3PO and R2-D2 were the funniest.

There were excellent (and I mean EXCELLENT) lightsabre battles.

I give it 9.5 out of 10! closing quote

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