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  Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone DVD
Updated 17 May 2002, 10.38
The video and DVD have never before seen scenes
We asked you to review the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone DVD.

Here's some of the best ones you sent in.

Lauren, 10, Brechin:

opening quoteOur local Woolworth's store opened at midnight on Friday, and a few of my friends went to get their videos then.

I was very patient and waited until Saturday morning and it was really worth it. I thought it was brilliant.

I don't think there will be a boy or girl anywhere who could say they didn't like it. I will be watching it over and over again.

The second DVD was a bit confusing though. I had to get my mum to help me get into the extra scenes and it still took us two days to figure it out!!closing quote

Christabel, 12, Edinburgh:

opening quoteThe bonus features were ok . But I don't really know what all the hype was about as it wasn't that fabulous.

The extra footage was the best part, but they should have really included it in the movie itself.

I didn't enjoy the movie as it was a pure let down compared to the book.

Overall the movie wasn't up to scratch but the bonus CD made the DVD a lot more enjoyable compared to the let down of the movie. closing quote

Helen, 14, Skipton:

opening quoteI was really looking forward to May 11th all month! It was also a good date to come out for me, because the day before I had finished my SATs.

When I got it, I rushed home and played it. That was really good. But, as soon as I put the bonus DVD in, I felt that it was a complete let down.

I didn't understand much, there wasn't really as much to do as Warner Bros had said, and there were only seven extra scenes on it.

I also had absolutely no idea how to access the 'heart of the cd' and it doesn't give you any clues on how to work it out either.

Although the DVD in total was good, I felt the bonus features were a letdown. closing quote

Jade, 13, Manchester:

opening quoteI think that the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone DVD is truly magical.

Not only can you watch your favourite movie with extra footage, but you can live the magic and actually become a student in the special features section.

It also gives an exclusive tour of the castle which you can direct yourself, and you can see some of the sets and hear some thought-provoking interviews from the crew.

Out of 10, this DVD would definitely score the big 11, as it is a DVD with so much more magic. Any more magic and it could have come from Hogwart's itself!closing quote

Rosie, 14, Chichester:

opening quoteI was quite disappointed with the Harry Potter DVD's special features.

The box told me that the extra scenes that were cut from the movie would be on the DVD, not the DVD-ROM. But when I went on the special features I found that I had to have a DVD-ROM on my computer in order to see the extra scenes. I also thought that there was not a lot of activities to do and found a lot of them boring.

I would have liked to have seen interviews with the cast and information about them.closing quote

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