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  Holly Valance's new single - Kiss Kiss: your reviews
Updated 05 May 2002, 16.20
Holly Valance plays the character Flick in the Aussie soap Neighbours
We asked you to send us your reviews of Holly Valance's new single, Kiss Kiss.

Here's some of the best ones.

Sean, 14, Glasgow:

opening quote"Kiss Kiss" by Holly Valance is the best song so far this year.

Although Holly trying to mime is beyond ridiculous.

It's going to be no:01 for sure as I know thousands of people who love it. Including me.

Holly is a brilliant actress and I'll be sad when she leaves Neighbours but anymore tunes like "Kiss Kiss" and I don't think I'll be too bothered!

Good luck Holly Valance!closing quote

Rosie, 12, Sheffield:

opening quoteI'm going to be controversial here and say that I think it's rubbish!

I've seen her performing it and the things that I don't like about it most are:
1. She can't even sing it live, she was miming -and badly! 2. She thinks she's it!

When you (try) to compare her to Shakira for example, Shakira sings live, produces and arranges her own music and songs, dances (brilliantly), plays some of the instruments AND she can sing!!!

'Whenever, Wherever' is sooooooooooooo much better!closing quote

Niamh, 11, Hillingdon:

opening quoteI think that Kiss Kiss is fab!

It's a really catchy tune, and Holly is a great singer!

I think she'll do really well, but she won't be as big as Kylie. closing quote

Louise, 12, Ipswich:

opening quoteHolly's song's fantastic!

Whenever I hear it on the radio I can't stop moving!

She should be number one on Sunday!

Holly sings the song with loads of confidence and will be HUGE! closing quote

Lee, 13, Guildford:

opening quoteHolly Valance should learn that soap stars/singers never succeed - she proves this - her voice is weak and she sounds appalling, like she is just talking the song.

The mix in the middle is sooo clichè! It's dreadful - just because everyone's doing it.

I think she should stick to acting. It's a disgusting way to succeed in the charts - purely on her looks. closing quote

Leanne, 13, Lancashire:

opening quoteThis new version of Tarkan's single is great.

I've been a big fan of Tarkan ever since I went to Turkey four years ago and I've got the album even though I can't understand a word of it.

I was thought that Holly's version would ruin Kiss Kiss but it 's really groovy and seems like a completely different song when compared to the original.

Although the video is very raunchy, I still think that it's great.

I hope that Holly does well in the music industry. closing quote

Jonathan, 13, Edinburgh:

opening quoteGreat! I really like the song, the video and especially Holly!

I really liked her in Neighbours and I think this change will make her career go really well!

I wish her the very best of luck and that she continues to work in the entertainment industry.closing quote

Claire, 12, Newton Abbot:

opening quoteI think that Holly Valance's single, is one of the best I've heard for a long time. The backing track is funky and exotic.

Holly is an inspiration to me and all of my mates.

I love this tune and I hope Holly releases an album.closing quote

Louisa, 13, Manchester:

opening quoteI think Holly is quite a good singer but so many soap stars have tried to make it as pop stars that nobody is really interested.

Kylie is great but she is a unique singer and I don't think anyone will ever replace her. Holly is trying too hard to be sexy and seductive but she doesn't appeal to younger kids as well.

I don't think she will survive in today¿s music industry.closing quote

Maya, 13, London:

opening quoteWhen I first heard it I thought " wow!", someone's actually made a version of that Kiss, Kiss song!

But it's been on the radio too much and that instrumental bit, where it goes ooh,ooh ah-ah, is really annoying!

Overall it's okay but a bit tedious.closing quote

Terri, 9, The Hague, Holland:

opening quoteI think Kiss Kiss is great.

She is really great in Neighbours and I always watch it.

I think she will take after Kylie. She really is a brilliant talented singer.closing quote

Danny, 12, Romford:

opening quoteI think Holly Valance's new song Kiss Kiss will be the song of the year - though it was a cover of a Turkish artist called Tarkan who is a major hit in Turkey and many other countries.

Tarkan's version is better by far, but Holly has done well for herself and the song's top!closing quote

Ellis, 10, Sittingbourne:

opening quoteHolly Valance has really proved herself this time!!!

Her new single Kiss Kiss is a brilliant cover version of the original done by Tarkan.

It's a Kylie mixed with Mis-teeq stylie song and is tipped to do well in the charts.

Holly Valance is new to the charts game but with a song like this she won't need to worry!!!! Top tune!!!closing quote

Francesca, 10, Bognor Regis:

opening quoteI think that like Kylie, Holly will go from Neighbours into the pop world and struggle at first.

After a while she will do great. Holly has a great voice and good looks so that helps her a lot!

I also think that she does as well in singing as she does in acting.closing quote

Kriti, 12, Essex:

opening quoteKiss Kiss is the best song!!! The vid's a bit weird though. Holy V has just stepped out of the shower and her lipstick is all still in place!!!

Holly's version of this song is even better than the original.

GO HOLLY VALANCE!!!!!!!!!closing quote

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