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  Bend It Like Beckham: your reviews
Updated 26 April 2002, 19.11
Bend it Like Beckham is about a young Punjbai girl
We asked you to send us your reviews of the movie Bend It Like Beckham.

Here are some of the best reviews you sent in.

Kiran Kaur, 13, Huddersfield:

opening quoteI thought the film was great.

Being a Sikh myself, I thought it was hilarious!closing quote

Rhea, 14, Southampton:

opening quoteI thought that the film was brilliant.

It covered two cultures and what people thought of girls playing football.

I would recommend this film to anybody.closing quote

Hanna, 13, Bristol:

opening quoteGreat! It's funny, it's got great acting, the storyline is fab and the best thing is it's for anyone.

Go and see it cos you end up playing football when you go home!closing quote

Sam, 12, London:

opening quoteBend it like Beckham was one of the funniest films I've seen all year. Trey the old Live and Kicking presenter was in it.

He was seriously funny along with all the other film stars!!closing quote

Amy, 12, Essex:

opening quoteI really liked BILB because it was sooo funny!!!

Also I liked it because it was really sweet right at the end.closing quote

Danny, 12, London:

opening quoteI thought that BILB was a really good film and worthy of the large audience that came to watch it.

It is about an Indian girl, Jas, who isn't not allowed to play her favourite game, football. She secretly joins a girls team... BILB is a film for all ages and all cultures but should definitely be a 12 because of all the swearing.

It is a deeply meaningful story with loads of jokes wrapped around it. Unfortunately, the director mixed in an inappropriate love story which too much was based on. closing quote

Rebecca, 13, Bradford:

opening quoteI thought it was great! It was really funny and had a sweet storyline. I thought I wouldnt enjoy it cos I dont really like football, but I did cos it's not just about football, it's about following your dreams and fighting the obstacles. closing quote

Helen, 14, Southampton:

opening quoteI think it was a great film because it included religion as well as rightly saying that girls can play football too! It also sent out a good message "DON'T GIVE UP!" closing quote

Hannah, 12, Banbury:

opening quoteA must see film. I don't really like footie but this film is totally wicked. It's so fresh and fuuny. I think it's better than Bridget Jones' diary.

Did anyone else spot the ex-Live and Kicking presenter in the group of guys Jessi plays footie with??? closing quote

Emily, 12, London:

opening quoteI thought Bend it like Beckham was really wicked. I thought the best bit was the ending.

The film showed that if you really try to do something, then you can eventually achieve your dream.

It was really good, but I thought David Beckham would be in it for longer, but he was only in it for about 5 seconds.closing quote

Jenni, 12, Bedford:

opening quoteI've been to see Bend it Like Beckham. It's the best film I've seen all year.

Everyone over 12 should go and see it. Lots of people think it's a boys film because of the title. It isn't, it's an ace film!!!closing quote

Livvy Harman, 10, Elstree:

opening quoteI thought Bend it Like Beckham was great!

I agree that there should be more girls footie and this film has made me want to take up the sport!

I thought the film was funny,moving and had a great message...Never give up!closing quote

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