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  Crossroads: your reviews
Updated 12 April 2002, 19.36

We asked you to send us your reviews of Britney's first big screen outing Crossroads.

Here are some of the best reviews you sent in.

Jess, 11, Birmingham:

opening quoteI would recommend this film to anyone who hasn't seen it 'cos it's brilliant!

I wouldn't recommend it to any one under the age of 10 as it does have some parts for them not to see!

The Characters were cool and you see Britney differently to how she really is! closing quote

Mason, 11, Coleraine:

opening quoteI thought Crossroads was a really good movie. I disagree with it being a PG and thought it should be a twelve because there are some rude words and kissing scenes in it.

I thought Britney acted really well. In the film there are some funny scenes and some sad ones. My favourite scene is when Ben, Lucy, Mimi and Kit are camping and Kit gets bit on the bum by a mosquito.

The movie got off to a slow start but it got better later on. I do not like what Britney did to her fans at the premier on Monday because without them she wouldn't be a superstar today.

I would reccomend children over the age of nine to go and see it. I give crossroads eight out of ten. closing quote

Michelle, 14, Rotherham:

opening quoteI thought it was going to be much better than what it was. It wasn't the best film I've seen but I'm not dissing it.

The story line wasn't all that great but I loved the bit at the end where she's singing.

I'd give the film a 6 out of 10 cos it hasn't really got a lot going on in it but the problems which Lucy, Kit and Mimi face, are problems which teenagers our age can relate to.closing quote

Rebecca, 13, Oldham:

opening quoteBritney was always a great singer but I didn't think she could act so well too! I went to watch it with my best friend and we both agreed it was brilliant. We acted out the karaoke scene afterwards!closing quote

Amy, 12, Essex:

opening quoteCrossroads is a great film, Britney plays a shy girl who works hard and does exactly what her dad says untill she meets up with her childhood friends Kit and Mimi.

They go on a road trip - Mimi to go to an audition, Kit to see her fiance and Lucy to meet her mum in Arizona.

While on the trip they face a few problems.

I think Crossraods is an excellent film. There are a few funny moments and sad moments. I give it 10/10. closing quote

Sam, 14, Merseyside:

opening quoteI went to see one of the first showings of Britney's 'Crossroad' and I thought it was fantastic! You see Britney in a complete different light. The script is well written and the characters are great! Some scenes make you laugh and others really make you think hard about the relationships you have with the people around you. All-in-all, it is an amazing film and I would recommend it to anyone. Britney should be proud of herself!closing quote

Emma, 10, Colchester:

opening quoteI thought the film was brilliant! I wouldn't recommend it to under 10's but it is fine for older kids. It's very Girlie and funny, though sad in some places! Some people might say it doesn't have a storyline but if I think it does!closing quote

Casey ,12:

opening quoteI thought the film was very cool. Britney's character Lucy decides she wants to see her mum in Arizona. Lucy hits the road with her two best friends Mimi and Kit and their driver Ben. Mimi plans to audition to be a singer in Los Angeles and Kit just wants to see her husband. I give the film 10 out of 10. It's a romantic comedy drama. It's great!closing quote

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