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  Pop Idol tour: your reviews
Updated 22 March 2002, 17.24

We asked you to send us your reviews of the Pop Idol tour!

Here are a selection of the best we received.

Natalie Morris, 12, Surrey:

opening quoteI thought the concert was great, the atmosphere was excellent and the crowd were always up for it. When Gareth came on the cheers were great. The show was an absolute phenomenon. I want to go again. closing quote

Nikki Davies, 16, Merthyr Tydfil:

opening quoteI thought Gareth was outstanding and when he did the duet with Zoe. Darius was brilliant. I loved Rosie and Jessica. I had a brilliant night and I would like to see them again. Will was incredible, I thought he did a good version of Light My Fire, my dad loves that song. I thought Nicky Chapman looked gorgeous.

I love Gareth, I think he is out of this world. When he sings Flying Without Wings and Yesterday, he makes the hairs stand up on my arms. My friend and I were going mad and we were going crazy when Gareth came on. We were standing on our chairs, screaming at the top of our voices and we were dancing in the aisles. When Darius finished his performance everybody were throwing their thongs at him, but if it was Gareth I would have done it. closing quote

Zoey, 13, St Helens:

opening quoteThe best bit was Will (my fave) singing light my fire cos there was loads of fantastic fire bombs going off. Korben gave a good kickstart to the show when he sang Wham's number 1 hit freedom. he really got the crowd going wild. There was loads of official pop idol merchandise being sold. I recommend everybody to go, it is well worth the money but if u dont like screaming then don't bother going coz u just can't help but scream when Will sings light my fire. closing quote

Dearbhla Gallagher, 12, Derry:

opening quoteI was at the Pop Idol concert in Wembley and I was sitting sooo close to the stage and Will's family were sitting in front of us! I thought that Gareth was the best, they were all fantastic and Zoe was great too. Other people that were great were Laura, Darius, Aaron Hayley, Rosie, Jessica, Korben and of course Will. I enjoyed it all sooooo much. And Gareth looked gorgeous in his white suit! closing quote

Laura, 12, Southampton:

opening quoteWell, I saw my hunky hero Gareth Gates and that means the show was 100% brill! I voted for gorge, sexy, hunky, lush and fit Gareth on Pop Idol 17 times but to no result, sob! The tour was brill though and I had a banner sayin "Gareth when I become a Hollywood star u can come to my premiere!". I was in heaven! closing quote

Lydia, 11, Northamptonshire:

opening quotePop Idol tour was rrreaallyyy wicked Darius was excellent but the star of the show was definitely Will! I love him! But everyone did well! closing quote

Allyce Green, 15, Aylesbury:

opening quoteI went to the Pop Idol gig yesterday and I haven't been soooooooooo excited since the final when Will, my fave, won.

He was brilliant as was Korben (who I thought looked like Will) and Zoe and Rosie and Aaron and Hayley and oh EVERYONE.

The best bit was Will doing 'Light My Fire' and he looked gorgeous. The next day I couldn't talk I screamed soooooooo loud.

If you're having withdrawal symptoms from Pop Idol then I strongly recommend you go and see this brilliant tour!!!!!!!!! closing quote

Lauren Smith, 14, Chelmsford:

opening quoteLike the rest of the thrilled fans in the queue, I had been suffering severely from Pop Idol withdrawal symptoms since the final of February 9th and had been eagerly anticipating the date for weeks; I was not to be disappointed.

The first spectacular act was Korben, who flawlessly performed 'Freedom'. Next came Jessica Garlick with her version of 'Papa Don't Preach', announcing her delight at being chosen to represent Britain in this year's Eurovision Song Contest. But it was Darius who got the crowd dancing, with his rendition of the Tom Jones' classic, 'It's Not Unusual' which really sparked the electrifying party atmosphere.

Gareth Gates, the Pop Idol runner up, was immensely popular and as he sung 'Unchained Melody', the screams were deafening.

But the highlight of the show for me was the real star of the show and rightful winner Will singing 'Light My Fire'. Korben, despite being voted off first was surprisingly one of the best performers.

With programs being sold at an unreasonable 10 and tiny foam hands setting you back 6, I thought the prices for the Official Merchandise were ridiculous and it showed lack of consideration for the fans.

I am sure everyone in the arena had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves just like I did. No matter what happens to the ten finalists, they certainly all proved they are indeed Pop Idols and, as Darius would put it, "There was a lot of love in that arena!" closing quote

Kerry Hill, 15, Kingswinford:

opening quoteWICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It better be on TV because it has only been two days and I'm already getting depressed! I can't believe how good it was! Forget any concert this was by far the best I've seen!

Unfortunately I never got to hear Gareth sing or his first duet with Zoe because no-one would stop screaming.

My favourite part of the show was the second half. I loved the swing bit, especially Gareth and Zoe's duet. I can't believe she actually got to dance so close to him while he tried to dance with her.

The concert was by far the best performances that this lot have ever done. Will totally blew me, my mum and my dad away he was wicked.

I have definitely came from the concert a bigger fan of the 10 than before.

I think we may get to win the Eurovision Song Contest with Jessica singing, I can't believe how good Korben was he was one of my favourites, also Rosie was really good. There was also great performances from the darling Darius, Loud Laura, Ace Aaron and Happy Hayley!!!! closing quote

Anna, 13, Amersham:

opening quoteI thought that the Pop Idol concert was brill to start with and the atmosphere was great. But when the big band came in, the songs just turned slushy. There were also a load of stewards telling everyone to sit down who were definite party poopers! closing quote

Laura, 11, Shropshire:

opening quoteI thought the concert was absolutely fantastic. Gareth was no doubt the best though because he is so gorgeous and I love him. His performance was great, and so was Will's but he did babble on a bit. He is my mom's favourite and she said that she wants to take him home. closing quote

Lucy, 14, Guildford:

opening quoteIt was AMAZING!!!

It was the best night of my life and I will always remember it. When Will came on I was deafened, but when my favourite, Gareth, came on, it was indescribable!

My favourite part was when Gareth and Zoe did the beautiful duet - I was blasted off my seat. I have to say the morning after I couldn't speak but it was all worth it 'cos I got to see my fave pop idol from just a few metres away.

I would like to say thank you to them all for giving up their time to entertain me! closing quote

Laura, 13, Surrey:

opening quoteWhat a night! Korben - how was he the first to go?! With a George Michael classic he got the show going with an awesome performance. Darius was really funny. A true performer playing to the crowd. They were all great performers and it was hard to see any losers up there. It was fab! Zoe sang tooo much, Gareth caused a frenzy and Will blew everyone away. Don't miss the best night since it all ended last month and be completely blown away wanting more, more, more! closing quote

Stevie, 14, Kent:

opening quoteI went to the Pop Idol concert last night (Monday 18th) and it was fantastic! Our seats weren't brilliant but the atmosphere was wicked. Everyone was dancing and singing. My favourite bits were when Will, Darius, Aaron, Rosie and Hayley sang because I think they have are the best performers out of all 10. Overall it was the best night of my life and I didn't want it to end! closing quote

Gill Eastwood, Eltham:

opening quoteAbsolutely Fab show. Worth every penny and our tickets were very expensive. We were seated at the side of the stage and had a great view.

The most surprising person, who in my opinion stole the show, was Korben! Yes, true, he was fantastic and although I voted every week for Will this lad escaped everyone's notice. What an entertainer, singer and dancer all rolled into one. Korben got my vote at the concert and I certainly hope he gets a recording contract from someone! The show was Fab. closing quote

Leanne, 12, Edinburgh:

opening quoteWhen I arrived there I was so excited about Will and Gareth coming on the stage! Gareth and Will r sooooo fit!!! Anyway the show was amazing and they where all fab. If I had a wish soo much it would to meet Gareth Gates. I know I never will but I can still dream. The concert was really good. Luv ya Gareth xxxxclosing quote

Bianca Jets, 12, Brentwood:

opening quoteThe atmosphere is electric! Everyone is screaming for the Pop Idol Tour to begin, and to see their favourites!

The first five perform, and they look like they're enjoying themselves, though I wasn't too sure about Aaron Bayley though...

Now, to "get this party started", Zoe Birkett comes on. She's got a very powerful voice for a 16-year-old indeeed! I loved her beautiful duets with Gareth, they make a very good team!

Then Darius Danesh comes on with "It's Not Unusual" by Tom Jones, swinging his hips! Finally Gareth comes on with "Unchained Melody" and reaches the very high note - good on him! I'm a big Gareth Gates fan and voted for him quite often.

Will is a bit boring because he's singing slowy songs. But I still loved my trip at the Pop Idol Tour.closing quote

Chloe Davies, 14, Helensburgh:

opening quoteI was one of the many people who voted for Gareth Gates, and after the Pop Idol Tour, I was well impressed. Will was quite boring, not very lively. Zoe was amazing, you know, she's really got a very good voice!

Darius definitely got this party started with "It's Not Unusual"- you should check out the swinging hips! Peformances by Laura, Aaron, Rosie and the others were included as well. I'd give the Pop Idol Tour 10/10!!!closing quote

Sarah, 14, Farnham:

opening quoteThe show was fantastic! Rosie was best dressed and Will performed amazingly. Me and my friends were screaming the loudest, and we had a fantastic time. The merchandise was a complete rip-off so we bought the posters outside for 2! Brilliant Brilliant show!!closing quote

Melanie Mackenzie, 12, Dumfries:

opening quoteWOW!!!!!

That was fab! I went yesterday and I was blown away! The whole thing was good, but Gareth and Zoe were my overall favourites. I have to say that Will wasn't at his best, but they must have been really nervous because the place was packed, so who could blame them!!


Leah Murphy, 10, London:

opening quoteOn Friday 15 March I went to the Pop Idol concert.

We saw the 10 finalists, and Gareth and Zoe sang a duet together. The atmosphere was really great with everyone singing along to the songs they knew, especially Evergreen.

When Will came on I thought the screams were loud, but when Gareth came on it was deafening. closing quote

Emily Pether, Brentwood:

opening quoteI thought Gareth was great and his duets with Zoe were fantastic. Darius sang It's Not Unusual which was excellent. At the end Will sung three songs in a row but they didn't really make you want to get up and dance, so that was a bit boring! The first half was like one of the finals which was good and then in the second half they sung solos and group numbers. The atmosphere was amazing and my ears are still ringing!! closing quote

Cherendip Garcha, 13, Wolverhampton:

opening quoteToday l am at the Pop Idol concert. The girls and guys are screaming for their Pop Idol. As you know Will Young will be performing alongside Gareth Gates, Zoe, Aaron, Jessica, Korben, Rosie, Laura and Darius. So the best singer is Gareth Gates. His nice cute smile does the trick. Will Young does his superb Teapot and his voice, it blows me away. closing quote

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