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  A firework exploded in our faces
Updated 05 November 2004, 11.53
Fireworks exploding
Gary and Colin were playing in their neighbourhood when they found a firework lying on the ground.

They tried to light it but it all went badly wrong and Colin is now in hospital.

Here Gary reports on what happened.

"I was playing out with Colin and my younger brother Darrel.

We were near to our school and discovered a firework lying on the ground.

We picked it up and tried to light it.

It has a normal fuse so we didn't think it would explode straight away but that's what happened.

Hit in the eyes

I can't remember what happened next but I was really scared and shocked.

Pictures of Colin's injuries in the Irish News
Pictures of Colin's injuries were in the Irish News
I ran home to get my mum because Colin had been hit in the eyes and couldn't see.

While I ran home he tried to follow me but he didn't know where he was going. It must have been frightening!

I was wearing glasses so the explosion didn't hit my eyes.

His brother helped him back to the house and my mum ran our hands and eyes under cold water and drove us to the hospital.

Don't mess with fireworks

Colin has been in hospital all week.

He couldn't see and we were worried he might be blind but yesterday I visited him and he has now opened his eyes and can see.

I had burns all over my wrists and fingers and have been putting cream on them.

My advice would be don't mess about with fireworks because it's really dangerous!"

Gary, 13, Lisburn, Northern Ireland

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