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  I campaigned for a safer journey to school
Updated 06 November 2004, 09.26
Shauna - her campaign made a local road safer
Shauna was fed up of trying to cross a busy road to catch her bus to school so she decided to take action.

Here she tells us about her campaign.

"I have to cross a busy dual carriageway to get to school.

It's scary because in the morning the cars into Oxford go really fast and if it's busy the cars all queue up where I cross.

Normally I have to wait for ages then run across when there is a large gap.

I've missed my bus twice already because I couldn't get across.

Slow - children crossing

It started to get on my nerves so I made some road signs over the summer holidays.

They were triangular with a black outline and had "slow - children crossing" written on them.

I then invited kids from my area to place their footprints on the signs.

United stand

I thought it would be good to show it was not just me who wanted something done - with all our feet we could make a united stand!

I placed one sign before the crossing and the other on the opposite side of the road facing the other way.

Some of the cars ignored my signs and I found that a bit arrogant of them.

Over the moon

But the council heard about the signs and decided to put proper signs in their place.

I was over the moon and every time we drive past the signs I think to myself that they are there because of me.

We are going to carry on the campaign and write a petition because the road can still be very dangerous."

Shauna, 11, Oxford

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