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  Kerry to win - anyone is better than Bush!
Updated 02 November 2004, 10.30
Leah and mates
Leah believes that neither Bush nor Kerry are fit to be in charge of the US.

"I live in a small suburban town in the state of Massachusetts.

This year's election has become quite a hot topic in my everyday life.

I watched the debates between Bush and Kerry and I have to say I am pretty embarrassed to be an American at this point.

They are both awful choices for president of our country.

Anyone but Bush

My friends and I discuss the outcome of the election and how it will affect our lives.

Although it will not affect me personally that much, I still care about the result.

A friend of mine gave me a pin the other day as a present and it said: "Anyone but Bush".

At this point this statement I believe stands true.

Change the situation

If Bush is elected the "war against terrorism" will continue in the way it always has.

I believe that we need someone who is going to change the awful situation we have already created.

Kerry, in my opinion, will handle the war differently.

Most of the teachers at my school don't really talk about the upcoming election because they don't want to persuade our own opinions to one side or another.

Vote for the future

This election greatly affects my future and hundreds of years to come.

America has jeopardized many of our alliances with other countries and if these alliances are not mended, America will be on its own.

I want Kerry to win only because anyone is better than Bush."

Leah, 14, Massachusetts

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