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  What school taught us about the US election
Updated 01 November 2004, 17.49
Ryan thinks his school should do more to help pupils understand the US election
Ryan lives in the US and thinks his school should do more to help pupils understand the election.

"I find it sad that my school has done nothing to educate my peers about the elections.

A few weeks ago in school, I raised the topic in one of my classes.

The reaction was interesting as students quarreled over who would make the better president.

It was clear to me that many of my classmates were unable to explain their decision.

Worldwide impact

Whereas I, on the other hand, have had numerous discussions with my family as well as watching the presidential and vice-presidential debates.

The American people owe it to themselves to become better educated on the issues and get out and vote.

This election affects not only Americans but also has a worldwide impact.

I wish I could vote!"

Ryan, 13, Carver, Massachusetts

Leah lives in Canada where she has been learning all about the US election at school.

Leah - Canadian student
Leah has been studying the US election in Canada
"This term I am taking civics, which is a course based on Canadian Politics.

In class the American election frequently comes up.

We have spent a quarter of this course discussing American politics, and it almost overshadows the amount we learn about our own government.

With the election fast approaching my teacher urges us to watch the presidential debates or cut related news articles out and bring them in.

Celebs involved in campaign

Celebrities and musicians are running anti-Bush campaigns, so teens think it's "cool" to be against the Republicans.

The results of this election will effect Canada's future. It's almost like the results of this election are more important than those of our own.

Most of the television my friends and I watch is American so we are exposed to many of their ideas, concepts and trends.

I know that at least I am greatly influenced by our neighbouring country."

Leah, 15, Canada

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