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  I starred in a school film about beating bullies
Updated 19 July 2004, 12.57
Emma stars in The Big Bad Bully
Emma plays a mean misery maker in a school film about how to beat bullying.

She and her classmates from St John's C of E junior school in Essex, all helped to produce the 15-minute film.

Over 100 people packed into the school hall to watch the premiere of The Big Bad Bully.

Emma tells us how she and her 27 classmates made the film and what you can do to stop school bullies.

"It all started with a class competition to write a play about bullying. The five best scripts were combined to make the screenplay.

I got the part of Carla, the bully, because I said the line: 'Oy! Give me one of your crisps freckle face!' really aggressively during the audition.

Everyone in the class had different roles including directing, scripting, re-drafting, using the camera, lighting, editing, producing, storyboarding and creating a DVD menu.

"The press" interrogated the stars and production team during the premiere
Our teacher, Mr Bambury, held master classes after school to show people how to use equipment such as the camera.

We also shot the film before school and during lunch times.

At home, I read my lines with a friend and learnt them by heart.

We filmed the trailer before the film to get us used to being around a camera.

We started filming in winter which meant that during the summer, I had to change back into my winter uniform for continuity.

Sometimes we'd film something, then decide it wasn't right, shoot a different idea, and then decide the first idea was the best after all. This was a bit frustrating but all the changes made the film much better.

During parents' evening we played the trailer on a loop. A boy from school saw it and asked me for my autograph. I was really shocked but pleased at the same time.

I really enjoyed playing Carla but I wouldn't like to be her in real life.

At the end of the film she is crying because no one wants to play with her. This shows you that bullies don't have a very good future.

If you see some bullying and keep it a secret, it will carry on and on, but if you tell someone, they should try to help you and the bullying may stop."

Emma, 9, Essex

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