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  I signed the Anne Frank Declaration
Updated 15 July 2004, 10.54
Josh meets Anne Frank's step-sister
Josh meets Anne Frank's step-sister

It's 75 years since the birth of Anne Frank, who became famous for writing a diary whilst in hiding from the Germans during World War II.

But she was eventually captured and she died in a Nazi concentration camp.

The Anne Frank Declaration is all about celebrating Anne Frank's life and Josh went along to find out more about it.

"I came to the Anne Frank Declaration for Young People because my school nominated me.

Special diary

Anne Frank
The signing of the Declaration was to tell people that I support moral courage.

I was very moved by the Diary of Anne Frank.

Anne Frank had been through some terrible things.

I read that in the Second World War she hid from the Germans in a secret annex behind her father's office.


Josh getting interviewed
Josh getting interviewed
At the Declaration I met lots of interesting people including Eva Schloss who is Anne Frank's step-sister.

I was asked lots of questions for a radio show and people took lots of photos of me.

Before I went to the Declaration I wanted to go to Amsterdam to see Anne's hiding place in the secret annex.

And now I have come to the Declaration I want to go even more than I wanted to before, because it was so good and I want to know more about her life.

Josh takes a look at the exhibition
Josh takes a look at the exhibition
Good things

I liked going to the Declaration and reading about all the people who have done good things for other people.

I don't hate anyone and this day has shown me this even more."

Josh, 9, Redbridge

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