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  I'm a 'guardian angel' at my school
Updated 07 July 2004, 08.34
Stamping out bullying
Eastbourne School has developed a unique scheme to stamp out bullying.

Students are secretly recruited as 'guardian angels' to protect their classmates.

Sara is one of the Guardian Angels and in her report she tells us what her role involves.

"No matter how small a problem, from being called names to physical bullying, guardian angels are there to help.

All a pupil from Eastbourne School has to do is log onto the school computer system, find the guardian angel website and fill in a form.

They have the option of giving their name or remaining anonymous.

Keeping an eye

This is a great idea as many people who are being bullied hate people to know their names.

Once that is done, the information is picked up by Mr Sewell, our Deputy Head.

He then sees me or one of the other guardian angels and we keep an eye on the person who says they are being bullied.

GA number

Sometimes we see nothing at all, but most of the time we pick up the trouble.

We then type up a form on the school computers. We don't put our names on the bottom of the report, but our GA (guardian angel) number.

Even Mr Sewell doesn't know which guardian angel has which number.

That means we are safe.

Tough teacher

Mr Sewell then deals with the problem. Most of the pupils here really like him, but the bullies are terrified of him.

He can be completely ruthless and never lets up until it is sorted.

Training schedule

Each guardian angel goes through a training course, which is eight weeks long.

Every Wednesday from 3.00pm until 4.30pm, we would all do tasks that helped us understand what we had to do.

One week we would name the qualities a guardian angel needs - friendliness, consideration, initiative etc.

Another week we would learn how to memorise events.

Getting to know each other

There were many people from Years 7-10 who joined in.

I think the training helped everyone to get to know each other better.

It broke the ice between the angels who were from different year groups and this has given me the confidence to communicate with everyone.

I thoroughly enjoyed the training. I got to know more people but the really great thing was I got to know myself better."

Sara, 15, Eastbourne School, Darlington

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