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  Review: Amazing new mummy exhibition
Updated 01 July 2004, 10.16
Scan of Nesperennub
A new exhibition has opened at the British Museum which reveals secrets of an Egyptian mummy - without even opening up the case!

Press Packer Elizabeth went along to experience this virtual tour of a mummy's body and in her review she tells us what she found out.

"Ancient mummies have been a bit of a puzzle to humans but after the public has witnessed this exhibition everything will be crystal clear.

A preview of the life of an Egyptian worker called Nesperennub who lived approximately 3000 years ago was revealed to selected viewers on Saturday 26 June 2004.

Scan of Nesperennub
Through a 3D film I saw the mummy of Nesperennub.

I witnessed the opening of his coffin and a beautifully painted case and the unravelling of bandages.

Artificial eyes

The film amazingly showed, through extensive research, what Nesperennub would have looked like 3,000 years ago.

I saw the mummification process and the objects that the embalmers, the people responsible for mummifying Nesperennub, inserted.

For example, artificial eyes for sight and a snake amulet for protection against evil, and the organs they removed.

2-D to 3-D

The idea arose four years ago however it was a two-year project.

Nesperennub was priest of Karnak
Nesperennub was priest of Karnak
The whole process was discovered by experimenting - combining the results of scanning and entering data.

Computer programmers reassembled the 2-D images to create a 3-D presentation.

Thirty people worked on the project: the virtual technicians, the people from the National Hospital of Neurology and the archaeologists.

They intend to continue with the project as there are over 100 mummies in the museum.


I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition.

It was extraordinary to watch the life of an ancient man - all this is possible through technology.

It was a little gruesome though so I would recommend it to children aged seven and above who wish to be dazzled."

Elizabeth, 12, Sutton

Mummy: the inside story opens at the British Museum on Thursday 1 July.

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