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  We made weblogs at school
Updated 15 June 2004, 18.06
Pupils at Hangleton School have made a weblog
Catriana and James go to a school where they have learned lots about how to make websites.

It's not just taught them about computers; they're doing much better in their other lessons too.

"We go to Hangleton Junior School and we've made a weblog about animals. A weblog is basically a fully working website.

To make our weblog we had to stay an hour after school every Monday and also we did some of our work at home.

Lots of cute pictures

On our weblog you will find lots of information on cats, dolphins, hamsters, pandas and squirrels, but, if you are thinking our weblog sounds quite boring we have got loads of cute, funny and moving pictures.

We got our information from each other and books, but the thing we used the most was the internet.

Catriana and James' weblog is about animals
Catriana and James' weblog is about animals
Just so that we didn't miss some of the vital information we made links to other websites. These are called hyperlinks.

We have learnt a lot of things whilst learning about our topic. We also found out a lot about computers like making hyperlinks.

Links to other websites

A hyperlink allows you to click on a picture to call up a different website. To tell if a picture is a hyperlink we have written in italics under the picture.

If you then click on the picture above the italics which says what website you will go to you will go to that website.

We have learnt how to put pictures on to our own website from other websites.

The thing we liked the most about making our own weblog is working in partners with each other, as we are best mates."

Catriana and James, 10, Hangleton

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It can be about anything that's happened in your local area - or your views on the news.

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