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  Why do Aussies have to wait for Azkaban?
Updated 07 June 2004, 08.23
Harry and friends
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban may already be showing in cinemas in the UK and the USA, but in Australia they have to wait until 10 June.

In her report Fiona from Melbourne tells us why she thinks this is very unfair.

"Here in Australia, there are loads of loyal HP fans, holding out for the latest movie.

But we have been put on 'hold' until 10 June before we can see the greatly-anticipated film.

Australia may be a smaller nation, but what is the harm of giving 20 million people the pleasure of viewing this long awaited film at the same time as the others?

Australian premiere?

There is also a problem for me and in which cities the film premiers in.

If the USA (which has nothing to do with Harry Potter) gets to have a film premier, I believe that Australia should too.

For the next movie, I'm hoping that Australians get the opportunity to see the movie at the same time as the UK and USA.

With a parent

Also in Australia Azkaban has received an M15 rating.

Un-like the first two films, the Prisoner of Azkaban is recommended for audiences over the age of 15.

And those under that age are expected to be accompanied by a parent.

Older audience

I think this will put-off a lot of parents letting their children go and see the new movie.

That would be sad, because the Harry Potter books were meant for children, and the movie version has been made for an older audience."

Fiona, 13, Melbourne, Australia

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