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  I'm using my mobile to take exams
Updated 02 June 2004, 10.44
Using computers in lessons
Neil's school is testing out a new way of studying at school, using computers instead of books.

In his report Neil tells us what he thinks about this new way of learning.

"I am a pupil at the Netherhall School in Cambridge and I am involved with the Eviva project which allows me to assess how well I am doing with my ICT skills.

A pupil tries out the technology
A pupil tries out the technology
The Eviva project is good fun as I think working with computers is a better way of working than books.

When I started the project I answered questions on a website that told me what my current ICT score is. I am now trying to improve my level.

A Milestone

When I learn something new I upload a piece of work to the Eviva website to show what I have done.

This is called a Milestone.

My teacher and friends can then comment on my work and even suggest how it can be improved.

Upload anytime

Rosemary's also taking part in the Eviva project
Rosemary's also taking part in the Eviva project
I have uploaded lots of pieces of work like a presentation on an iPod and word processed work I have done in geography and history.

I can upload work at anytime from school and home.

Select exams dates

As my ICT skills improve I can set new targets and at the end of the year there is a test.

I can select the date and time of the test which is done on the phone and not in an exam room.

I can even take the test at home or on my mobile phone, which is really cool!

Voice recognition

I have sent a Voice Card to the computer which uses voice recognition to make sure I don't cheat in the test.

My Voice Card told the computer a little bit about me and what I like.

Better than exam room

I am looking forward to the final test as a computer will ask me questions that match my skills and my answers will be marked by my teacher.

I think this is a good way of working and is much better than sitting in an exam room."

Neil, Year 8, Cambridge

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