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  Saying hello to the stars of Azkaban
Updated 27 May 2004, 13.53
Dan at the premiere in New York
Brooke had the chance stand with the reporters as the stars arrived for the premiere in New York of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

"I was one out of 6,000 people lucky enough to go see the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban premiere at Radio City Music Hall on 23 May.

I had the opportunity to stand with the reporters on the red carpet when the stars arrived.


It was very exciting to see reporters from all over the world to cover this special event.

Rupert speaks with reporters
When I was waiting for the stars to arrive I couldn't believe that I would actually be seeing them face-to-face.

Greeted fans

Hearing the screams of fans and seeing the barricades leaning forward, I knew that a star had arrived.

The stars greeted the fans and then walked down the red carpet to meet the reporters.

Hi to Dan

All of the cast members thought it was great that Lizo from Newsround was there.

I could tell that they were more comfortable with him, than the other reporters.

I was able to meet Tom Felton and I said hi to Daniel Radcliffe and he said hi to me.

It was amazing!

No photos inside

James Phelps
When I walked into the lobby of the theatre, I had to hand over my camera.

They did not want people to take pictures, videotape, or record the movie.

More stars

Then I walked into another area, and looked to my left and saw Rupert Grint, and to my right, I saw Emma Watson, and straight ahead there was James Phelps.

I thought to myself, could this get any better? I said hi to Rupert and Emma and they both said hi back to me.

Then I walked into the very large movie theatre where the film was going to be shown.

Goody bag

On every seat there was a white paper bag that had a sticker on it that said Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Inside there was a t-shirt that said Muggle HP, a little set of Legos that you make into a small version of the Knight Bus, Harry Potter Acid pops, and Harry Potter Jelly Slugs.

Lights dimmed

They were showing live pictures of the stars getting interviewed, and having their pictures taken when they were on the red carpet.

Director, Alfonso Cuaron
Then the curtains went down, and the lights dimmed and everyone started to applaud.

Biggest applause

A man from Warner Bros came out on the stage and introduced the director first, then the producers, and then the cast members.

When Daniel Radcliffe came on the stage he got the biggest applause of them all.

The director, Alfonso Cuaron told the audience how much he enjoyed working with the cast and making the film.

Whistling and cheering

Then the film started, and when the title appeared on the screen, the entire crowd started applauding, whistling, and cheering.

For a whole year I was waiting for this movie to come out, and I couldn't believe that I was at the premiere seeing this movie with my most favourite actors."

Brooke, 13, Philadelphia, USA

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