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  I waited for the stars at the Potter premiere
Updated 24 May 2004, 09.24
Rupert, Emma and Dan at the premiere
Thousands of people turned up to see the stars arriving at the world premiere in New York of Harry Potter and the Prisoner Azkaban.

Brooke from Philadelphia waited for hours to see the cast arrive and in her report she describes what the atmosphere was like.

"It was very quiet early Sunday morning in New York City on 23 May 2004 until I turned the corner saw 25 police cars lined up on one side of the street.

Eight hours early

On the other side were 50 or more Harry Potter fans waiting to see their favourite stars.

But they were eight hours early! I decided to join them and sat on the curb.

We were all sitting directly across from Radio City Music Hall, where the premiere was going to take place.

Waving and cheering

Fans arrive early
Fans arrive early
Even though we were early, there was a lot activity, and the fans were enjoying every minute of it.

They were singing, playing Harry Potter music and waving and cheering at every city bus, police car, and taxi and asking them to honk their horns, and they did!

New York City was very friendly and seemed to enjoy this excitement.

Very hot

The fans were wearing different types of Harry Potter clothing even though the weather was getting hotter by the hour.

The sun was very bright and the temperature was very warm and everyone was very hot, but we were determined to wait it out.

The red carpet before it's laid out
The red carpet before it's laid out
As the day went on the sidewalks were packed.

Cardboard bus

I saw a white truck that was loaded with the rolled up red carpet that was going was to be placed on the sidewalk for the stars to enter the theatre.

They brought in big black boards where they put posters of the new film and there was a cardboard version on the Knight Bus.

Blown-up Aunt Marge

There were picture frames also on the black boards that were open and there were people dressed as witches and wizards just like what you would see at Hogwarts.

Balloons of Harry's Aunt Marge
Balloons of Harry's Aunt Marge
Then they brought out large balloon-like objects that were supposed to be Harry's Aunt Marge after he blows her up.

They looked just like the character in the movie.

Limousines arrive

As time was getting closer to 3.00pm, the fans were very excited as they had waited so long and the stars were supposed to arrive by then.

The limousines started to come and the fans screamed for everyone they saw.

Dan arrives
Dan arrives
Chris Columbus who is the producer for this film, and had directed the first and second Harry Potter film was there and so was the director for this film, Alfonso Cuaron.

It was an exciting day in New York City and I was so happy that I could be part of this event."

Brooke, 13, Philadelphia, USA

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