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  I'm using a mobile phone to explore Belfast
Updated 13 October 2004, 08.55
Jamie's taking part in the Childnet Challenge
The Childnet Challenge programme involves pupils from Belfast and Dublin using the latest mobile phone technology to find out more about each city.

In the first part of the challenge, pupils from Dublin travelled to Belfast. In his report, Jamie tells us what he's got up to so far.

"I got involved in this project because my school thought that using mobile phones to learn about other places was a unique way to learn.

I got picked at the last minute when someone had an accident, so I am happy to be here - but not happy the other guy had an accident.

The best part about the challenge is using the mobile phones.

Cold city

I also love being in Belfast and exploring the city.

So far, I have learned that the mornings are cold in Belfast!

I also learned a lot of stuff about science, such as how magnets work and air compression, because we visited W5 (Science Museum).

Solving clues

We explored the Folk and Transport Museum and talked to a guy about the Titanic.

Jamie goes searching for clues!
Jamie goes searching for clues!

We had to solve clues and located steam trains and trams and found out how people used to travel many years ago.

The clues also took us to the Odyssey Centre and the town centre and we saw a giant fish which was made from tiles covered in newspaper articles.

Finger tips

Using technology in this way is brilliant - it makes communicating so much easier.

Everything is at your fingertips and you can find out things fast.

From this experience, I hope to make new friends. You make new friends who come from different parts of Ireland.

Great fun

I also hope to learn how to use new technology better and the phones have been great for that.

I would like to thank the Childnet staff and all the teachers for organising this.

I'm having great fun."

Jamie, 14, Dublin

Find out more about the Childnet Challenge by clicking the link on the right side of this page.

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