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  We're learning how to cook
Updated 26 May 2004, 08.41
Laura, Charlotte and Rachel at their after-school club
Laura, Rachel and Charlotte all go to the Kids' Cookery School after-school club in West London.

The school helps kids from all backgrounds understand more about food as well as how to cook healthy meals.

In their report the girls tell us what they're learning about food!

"We've been coming to the KCS since Christmas - it started off as a school thing, but then we liked it so much we decided to join the after-school club.

It's only a 1 and you get to cook cool stuff, like lasagne and cinnamon muffins. The ingredients are all provided for us.
Rachel chopping peppers for her quiche
Rachel chopping peppers for her quiche

Today we're making mini-quiches and jam tarts. Charlotte's not that keen on cheese so she's a bit worried she won't like the quiches.

The chef show us what to do and then we all get stuck in. It's really good fun coz we get asked questions all the way through about the different types of food we're using.

We get to know all about the food groups like fats, proteins, fruit and vegetables. We've learned loads of things we didn't know about. Like a banana is actually a herb!

We learn about healthy eating and how eating lots of sugary food is bad for your teeth and very fattening. We still love eating junk food though - but try and have it once a week.

We also pick up handy hints like keeping your fingers tucked in when you're chopping stuff so you don't cut yourself.

Laura tucks in to her finished product
Laura tucks in to her finished product
Once we've finished making our food we all sit down together and have a big dinner.

Then we have a fun quiz summing up everything we've learned. We get to take the recipe home so we can test it out on our families.

We think there should be more kids' cookery schools around the country so everyone can see how easy it is to cook!"

Laura 10, Rachel 9 and Charlotte 10, Acton, West London

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