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  Why we love the Cannes Film Festival
Updated 13 May 2004, 08.33
Joel and Maxime
The Cannes Film Festival on the French Riviera is one of the biggest events in the film industry.

It's where lots of films have their premieres and loads of celebrities attend the event - this year Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron and Cameron Diaz are all going to be there.

Brothers Maxime and Joel live in Cannes and in their reports they tell us why they love it when the big stars come to their town.

"I live in Cannes and I love the Cannes Film festival because I get to go star-spotting.

Last year I saw some TV and Radio French stars - Zabou Djamel Debbouz and Amanda Lear.

Potter fan

My favourite movie star is Daniel Radcliffe - I love Harry Potter because of the magic. This year I'm hoping to see him here!

Shrek 2 will be shown at Cannes
Shrek 2 will be shown at Cannes
I'm really excited that Shrek is up for a big prize and the stars from the film will be in town.

Summer movies

My favourite movie of all time is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!

But out of the big releases this summer, I like Spiderman 2, Shrek 2 and Harry Potter - I'm looking forward to seeing Harry Potter the most!"

"I also live in Cannes and my favourite part is the atmosphere and seeing the big boats that come in.

Boats in Cannes harbour
Boats in Cannes harbour
There are loads of glamorous yachts docking into the harbour at this time of year.

My favourite film is Taxi - a French children's film.

Love Shrek

My favourite actor is Tom Cruise and this year I'm hoping to spot Eddie Murphy.

My favourite character in Shrek is Shrek and I just can't wait to see Shrek 2 this summer!

I think the characters are all really funny."

Joel, 10 and Maxime, 11, Cannes, France

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